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This stunning Omega Seamaster diving watch is 27% off right now

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We’ve already began our coverage of the Big Winter Sale on Omega watches, where hundreds and hundreds of watches are on sale until midday Friday. And we keep on looking. Here’s one that we decided to highlight on its own, an Omega Seamaster White Dial. It’s down 27% from the retail value of $5,900, hitting a new value of $4,325. That’s $1,575 off, meaning this is a good time to buy. The watch is also trade-in eligible, giving you more chances to save. So, to check this watch out while the sale persists, tap the button below. Then, keep reading to see why we like this watch and get more info about how to take advantage of that trade-in offer.

Why you should buy the Omega Seamaster White Dial

If you know watch brands well, you’ll know that an Omega Speedmaster was one of the first watches to grace the surface of the moon, way back in 1969. And so, while the Speedmaster has been conquering space, you can be sure Omega Seamasters, like the one we’re taking a look at today, are conquering the seas. For example, it has a Helium escape valve for dealing with high-pressure situations, can go down to a 1,000 feet below the water without a hitch, and can withstand relatively strong magnets should they feature in your equipment package.

The Omega Seamaster White Dial, above just about any of the other Omega Seamaster watches, has the proper aesthetics for the sea. Its white dial, with subtle wave-like grey relief lines gives off the impression of overlooking the sea from a harbor on a foggy morning. Should you be out late on the sea, you’ll still be able to see the time, as this watch features luminescent hands and markers. This watch features a scratch-resisting sapphire crystal dome, meaning your time will be clear and easy to read even after the roughest of adventures.

To grab your Omega Seamaster White Dial while Jomashop’s Big Winter Sale is going on (through midday Friday), tap the button below. The watch retails at $5,900, but you can find it today at just $4,325, saving you $1,575. Remember to visit Jomashop’s promotion to see if you can trade something in. The process could take a bit, so be sure to confirm you’ll have time to get this deal before proceeding.

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