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Meerson Mutiny Chronograph is an Excellent Example of the British Bespoke Tradition

Alexandre Meerson is a man who speaks as if luxury is more of a standard than the exception. His father, a WWII refugee, escaped Nazi Berlin and arrived in Paris after the war. The older Meerson put his silversmith making skills to work, designing fine jewelry for private, top-tier clients; working with Tiffany and other notable brands; launching his first watch collection in 1966; and combining his trade and a love of fashion.

The younger Meerson would follow a similar trajectory, working for LVMH, gaining a robust education, learning the art behind crafting, and selling high-quality items at retail. In 2007, he saw a gap in the market for fine mechanical timepieces that reflect luxury branding, but at a reasonable price point — so he started his own eponymous company.

The England-based Meerson maison (French for “fashion house”) began developing a timepiece line that would incorporate everything he learned about luxury, retail, and timeless appeal into watches that blended classic style with modern functionality. After a handful of successful creations, Meerson and his team are back with the Mutiny Chronograph.

There’s inspiration from everywhere (in the Mutiny), he says. “It’s a watch that encapsulates my personal history.”

“I’m always looking to reinvent myself and continually add this sense of luxury and purpose (to my work).”

The watch follows Meerson’s bespoke — made to order — process. Most of the watch is customizable and tailored to a client’s individual needs. Patrons can modify everything from the color and polish of the 40 mm case to engravings on the back, plus more traditional options like strap variations.

“Each buyer is a new opportunity to create a personalized experience,” Meerson says.

The watch is entirely Swiss-made, including a movement with an AM-0788 caliber, a well-known and respected measure. Each Mutiny Chronograph comes with a five-year warranty. Initially, watches will be manufactured in batches of 25, but Meerson has plans to ramp up production to roughly 500 per year as a cap.

The Meerson Mutiny Chronograph starts at just over $4,950 and is available here. A $664 deposit will ensure you snag a watch in the next batch, which becomes available in October 2017.

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