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The Manual’s Top 5 Chambray Shirts for Fall

In terms of getting dressed, fall is a tricky season. The urge to wrap-up in a substantial knit is still a little premature yet; a t-shirt can leave you feeling a little too fresh. Which brings us to the chambray shirt – the ideal staple for those lukewarm fall days. Read on for a shortlist of our five current favorites.

1. Indigo Old Chambray 1942 by Big Yank

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20th century workwear brand Big yank have released a special archive collection of chambray shirts for fall, and the 1942 is awesome. Made from 100% indigo cotton, this classical piece is as sumptuous as it is stylish. We love the curved hem.

2. Norse Projects Anton Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt in red? Hell yeah! Exercising their trademark simplicity, Norse Projects have created this pared-back design for fall in an innovative washed-out red colour way. For a winning weekend look, pair with Japanese denim and sneakers.

3. Javas Plaid Chambray shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC

We love the idea of fusing chambray with print. Available in black or indigo, Saturday’s slim fit version is flattering and super wearable. Just add low-top sneakers and neutral chinos.

4. Workers Chambray shirt by Freenote Cloth

Crafted from Japanese selvedge chambray, this laidback shirt by new brand on the block, Freenote Cloth, is a great option for casual dressing. The beauty lies in the detail – custom pockets, 1/8” double needle detail, side and arm seams and custom-made horn buttons.

5. W14-542 Chambray Shirt by La Panopile

French urbanwear brand, La Panoplie, present this beautifully crafted contrast chambray shirt for fall. We love the Herringbone yoke detail and welt pocket. Pair with navy chinos and classic brogues for a effortless work-play look.

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