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The Manual Wind: Fresh From Hamilton

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With Basel Fair 2014 in progress, the heavy hitters are stealing the spotlight with their millions of dollars in research and development. Being the largest watch fair in the world, there is much more to see than opulence. Big and small brands alike use this week to announce and display their new toys with hopes of steering customer’s tax returns from savings accounts into their pockets. Hamilton is a brand that has made a good case this year for enjoying some of those dollars that are coming back from Uncle Sam.

Bearing the name of that old watch that your grandfather handed down (that you probably have never worn), Hamilton was one of the earliest watch manufacturers made right here in the United States of America. Out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton manufactured and gradually enveloped other watch brands until it made its way to Switzerland and eventually jumping in bed with The Swatch Group.  This year they have released two models with a few variations of each that are worth serious consideration.

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For a casual and everyday feel yet still suitable for the office, the Khaki Skeleton is prime.  Offered in either stainless steel or PVD black steel, this partially skeletonized dial gives you a peek into the movement while still maintaining legibility.  The PVD black steel case is paired with a honey brown calf strap and the steel case with a black calf.  This 42mm with visible automatic movement is a great value for all around wear.

The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum takes care of your weekends be it hiking, drinking, or beaching.  Its durable 41mm aluminum case with dual crowns (for time and rotating bezel) is attached with a matching color nato strap.  Inside lies the ETA based Hamilton ca.H10 with 80 hour power reserve to take this weekend warrior into the realm of horology. Comfortable and sporty, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer is rugged in any of the offered variations; black, sand, navy, and khaki green.


While the rest of the world is admiring the exotic out of reach timepieces by the major brands, make sure you take note of the little guys. There are still great timepieces shown at Basel Fair to be seen and had for all.  Have your whole week covered with both of these from Hamilton for under $2500.

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Limited edition timepieces are starting to rub people the wrong way. Brands are pumping out limited editions with the only difference being a subtle change in the coloration of the dial for some of their most popular pieces. Consensus among collectors is resoundingly negative, since each limited edition quickly trumps the previous and devalues others. This holds true until a well-designed limited edition timepiece that can be celebrated hits the market.

IWC is a brand guilty of this limited edition production practice, though not as flagrantly as some, like Hublot or Audemars Piguet. It’s latest limited edition, the IWC Pilot Spitfire Chronograph BFI (British Film Institute), takes the ever popular blue steel accents and makes it the piece’s focal point.

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The Manual Wind: The Piaget Polo S
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In the watch world, it is a challenge to create something unique.  Watches have to fit on the wrist and can only take so many shapes.  It can be common for designs to overlap across brands.  This overlapping occurs more so when low end brands take on high end timepiece design.  It is not too common to see high end brands have such similar products.  Some might argue The Hublot Big Bang looks like the Audemars Royal Oak (they are right).  The latest overlapping between high end brands is that of the Piaget Polo S collection.  Its recent debut might have shocked some, including myself, and most of all Patek Philippe.

The Piaget Polo S is no doubt a classic timepiece; just as both the Nautilus and Aquanaut by Patek Philippe.  The Polo S seems to be a blend of the two.  At 42mm in diameter, the Polo S is slightly larger than the Patek but has nearly the same brushed flat top T.V. screen shaped bezel.  A textured dial is also similar to that of the Patek.  The stainless bracelet the Polo S comes on bears some resemblance to Patek’s as well.  The movements are quite different though.  Inside lies a Piaget in-house automatic movement.  The Polo S is offered in an automatic time and date as well as an automatic chronograph.  Blue, white, and grey dials make for three watches with slightly different personalities.

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WeWood Saves Forests With Wooden Watches
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Sometimes eco-friendly accessories look a little too earthy, and while they may be good for the environment, they might not be great with your wardrobe. Enter WeWood, a company dedicated to beautifully crafted timepieces made from sustainably sourced wood, but that also replenish forests through American Forests and Trees For The Future.

Like many great things, WeWood started in Florence, Italy where the first WeWood watch was designed in 2009. Using largely scrap wood, the team at WeWood creates incredible watches with Miyota parts. In their first year, WeWood planted 7,000 trees as part of their initiative to plant a tree for every watch sold.

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