Mack Weldon’s first collection quells smells with silver

A high-end blazer is a nice touch, but when it comes down to it, every man needs the basics first and foremost. Socks, t-shirts, and underwear are the essentially foundation of nearly every ensemble on the face of the planet — regardless of your region or lifestyle — providing you with a base layer on which you can build upon again and again. The basics are prone to innovation given how lackluster they often are, but often times that innovation isn’t actually as useful as it may seem at first glance.

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Mack ExampleThankfully, the Mack Weldon Silver collection touts form and function without the shoddy gimmicks. The basic line of underwear and tees rely on a blend of comfortable pima cotton and Silver XT2, the latter fabric of which is imbued with actual silver particles to enhance its performance. The addition laces the fabric with antimicrobial and anti-oder properties, helping to keep you dry, cool, and void of any unwanted smells you’re likely to encounter. It’s not the first time such technology has infiltrated the apparel community — the outdoor industry has been using it for years — but it’s nice to see it applied elsewhere.

The Silver collection is currently on the small side in terms of available options, but Mack Weldon is known for little more than selling basics in an assortment of practical colors and sizes. The company’s boxer briefs ($34) and trunks ($32) come in four basic colors (white, navy, gray, and dark gray), while the like-minded crew ($42) and v-neck shirts ($42) come in three (white, navy, and dark gray). They won’t make waves for their outward appearance, but then again, it’s what’s underneath that counts.

Check out Mack Weldon online for more information, or to browse the company’s noteworthy collection of socks, tees, and performance underwear.

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