StrongBody makes activewear derived from crab shells (and it’s awesome)

The world of fitness apparel isn’t exactly sparse. Lately it seems like every company is entering the foray in one way or another, whether they’re slinging high-performance activewear or offering companion pieces in the form of dedicated fitness tracks and smartwatches. However, StrongBody Apparel co-founder Meghan Conyers is right when she says there are issues with most fitness apparel currently circulating the market. Many sacrifice performance for comfort, or vice versa, while opting for style over quality. And that deosn’t even take into account the shady, overseas practices and manufacturing processes that run rampant in today’s modern world.

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Strongbody_Motion_LARGE__90964.1417918215.400.600That said, there’s a great deal to love about StrongBody Apparel and the company’s work ethos. Conyers and her partner Quincy Samycia run the entire operation out of their home base in Vancouver, Canada, manufacturing a limited line of athletic apparel that’s both socially responsible and practical. Nearly every product in the company’s lauded lineup apparel — from the basic VanCity Vee ($88) and Essential Tank ($72) to the Flex Hoodie ($130) — is entirely odor-free, thanks to a convenient polysaccharide derived from crustacean shells. The natural ingredient, known as chitosan, also allows the clothing to quickly wick moisture and remain breathable even during the most exhaustive workouts.

The nanotechnology does more than just inhibit the growth of foul-smelling bacteria, though. The micron dimensions of the molecules aid with durability and the soft feel of the fabric, while chafe-free seams and stretchy fabric grant ample comfort and full range of movement. Moreover, StrongBody produces all garments a mere five minutes from its main office and each purchase goes to funding a slew of worthwhile non-profit organizations such as the World Food Program. The company’s entire marketing campaign may smell fishy — especially given the source materials — but we can assure you it’s anything but. Chalk it up to the company motto: “Choose to be better.”