Less Cash, More Cashmere


The temperatures have already started to drop which means we’re about to all experience some major withdrawal from the scorching summer months. Bummertown. But at least the cooler weather has its upside – cashmere. Cashmere is a great investment. You can wear it under a jacket on those frigid days, and leave it on in the office with out feeling overheated. The naturally lightweight, soft material everybody wants to wear, but not everybody can afford – until now (wahoo!). More and more retailers are making the miraculous goat product available at an affordable cost.

-Black Brown 1826 – which is available at Lord and Taylor online and in-store – has the most essential and confortable cashmere sweaters out there. The classic V-neck is a staple, and you’d be crazy not to run out and get one. Or two. Or three (or ask for some for the holidays!) Prices vary depending on sales – you can pick yours up for $112.50.

-L.L. Bean – They’re not all about hiking boots and monogrammed backpacks anymore – L.L. Bean has a great selection of cashmere sweaters, like this cable knit – $169.

Lands’ End offers up some nice options. Their sweaters are made from 100% white cashmere fleece from Inner Mongolia. Who would have thought that this all American brand would be offering up such a steal? Check them out now – they’re $79.

UNIQLO, the Japanese brand prides itself on making clothing for anybody and everybody. They also have about every color sweater under the sun. And for $89.90 you can cover all your bases.

Macy’s Club Room Cashmere Sweaters are available in a variety of colors and styles, including color block patterns, solid vibrant hues, zip ups and vests. You can pick up them up in-store or online. Prices start at $140.