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Kaufmann-Mercantile x The Manual Giveaway!

kaufmann mercantile x manual giveaway seil marschall hiking pack
As our readers know, Kaufmann-Mercantile is a great online destination for well curated  and top quality products from a wide range of stellar brands. One item that recently struck our fancy was the Seil Marschall Hiking Pack.

Since 1896, this German brand has been suiting up outdoorsmen with superb rucksacks that can stand up to the harshest conditions from mountain hikes to Manhattan bars. With the motto, “Our best machine is our hands,” rest assured you have a top quality product here. This cotton canvas backpack has a leather bottom and felt padded shoulder straps and brass buckle closures. The label has been sewn on the insides so as not to disturb the minimal aesthetic of the exterior (how German of them!).

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Now for the best part, we are partnering with Kaufmann-Mercantile to giveaway one of these good lookers to one lucky reader (this baby retails for $359). Simply sign up for their newsletter here and then go on our Facebook page here and tell us about your favorite hiking adventure. Whoever has the best story wins!

This contest ends on Friday March 14th, 2014. 

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