Introducing Portuguese Flannel

Now that we find ourselves at the tail end of summer, the urge for a sumptuous flannel shirt has resurfaced. Right now, it’s the beautifully crafted versions from new brand Portuguese Flannel that we’re really interested in.

The brand was founded in Porto, North Portugal, by brothers Manuel and Antonio Magalhães, who are the fourth generation of their family to work in fabric manufacturing. Their fall/winter 2014 offering is their inaugural collection. There’s something so reassuring about creating a collection that only consists of flannel shirts particularly with the emphasis they put on excellent craftmanship. According to the brothers, Portuguese flannel making requires such supreme craftsmanship and delicacy that it has come to be recognized as an art form. “Our fabrics are manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal who expertly brush them to unparalleled softness. Our expert weavers ‘nap’ the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique. This significant process distinctly raises the fibre ends to create a long lasting material with a smooth and cosy texture.”

The designs are gloriously understated and the collection is vast, so you’ll want to take the time to choose a plaid and colour combination that’s right for you. Timeless navy, scarlet, black and white anchor the collection and the rich cognac and steel grey pieces feel really relevant this season which is ironic considering the brothers set out to create something utterly seasonless. “It doesn’t follow trends or vibes of the moment. Its inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains, with a brave and challenging way of living – resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design.”

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