Feel Good Friday – Mission Belts

feel good friday mission belts

Micro Lending. It is something of a buzz word these days; and for good reason. Take Mission Belt Company’s micro lending story for example:

Brothers Nate and Zac Holzapfel and old friend Jeff Jensen had a friend in Panama named Luis who got hurt on the job. He was sent walking (rude) and needed a new job. The bus he took into Panama City from his village had long lines and was overcrowded so his friends at Mission Belt gave him a micro loan to buy a bus. One bus turned into three and now Luis has a booming business taking people back and forth from his town to  Panama City!

Founded in the summer of 2012, Mission Belt Company realized how much they helped Luis and decided to take a dollar from the sale of each belt and use it to help people in their fight against hunger and poverty. Since incorporating this into their business plan, Mission Belts has sold thousands of belts and raised plenty of funds to help more people in need.  To read about more of their projects, take a look here at the map of the world showing where they are donating as well as how many projects there are per country.

Now for the belt! It is a no holes belt so you can wear it with a higher waist or lower waist trouser and not have to worry about too many or few holes to keep them trousers from sagging. They are also customizable so you can cut off the excess leather and have it fit just right. What is unique to these belts are the ridges on the underside that keep it tight. Note: There is a release lever on the bottom to take off your belt. This writer didn’t see that, pulled it too tight and nearly had a panic attack trying to get it off whilst going online for help.

Mission belts are great for travel since they are very versatile and can work with a suit or shorts. Go on, be a part of the mission. Father’s day is  coming soon.