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Feel Good Friday – Buttons ‘n’ Threads

With the online tailored shirt craze in full swing, we have tried many. Some are doing it right; some are missing the boat completely. One that we recently tried, Buttons ‘n’ Threads, is right on track. What we like about this brand is that they are delivering a higher standard. Think of Charvet in Paris or Zegna in Milan.

The concept sprouted from the minds of two friends, Sanchit and Yashas in Australia who met in university. Upon graduation they couldn’t afford the suits they really desired and started thinking about how they could make luxury more affordable.  On their website customers can provide their preferences and enter measurements in a streamlined process. The shirting is still in campaign stage, although they have already met their goal so you will definitely receive your shirt.

What makes these shirts so damn fine?

  •  23-25 stitches per inch, which makes the stitches virtually invisible. We have to say, the shirt we have is light as a feather and the tailoring is impeccable and durable.
  •  100% Egyptian cotton fabrics sourced from the best mills around the world.
  •   200 stitches in every buttonhole- helps reduce fraying.
  •  Shankbuttons- The buttons are wrapped to create space between the button and the shirt fabric. This makes buttoning simple as the buttons slip into buttonholes without tugging the fabric.
  •  Removable collar stays- All shirts have removable collar stays to preserve the shape and curvature of the collar.
  • French seams- A refined and delicate artisanal construction, resulting in a barely visible 3mm side seam giving the shirt a clean and luxurious finish. This really impressed us.
  •  Matched patterns-The patterns, whether stripes or checks, are synchronized perfectly throughout the shirt. The patterns are also matched from shoulder to sleeve, a feature that is only found in the finest quality shirts.
  •  Hand stitched monograming. Now this really takes it to the next level.

Typically, shirts of this quality would run $300-500, Buttons ‘n’ Threads retail for $129.

Now that’s what we are talking about. Now for the #FeelGoodFriday part of the story: The shirts are made in India. In fact, the factory they have collaborated with employs only women and trains them for over a year to ensure the highest quality standards. Part of the reason they employ women is to empower women in the rural villages and enable them to provide for their families. To show their support to the cause they have also partnered with the Care India Foundation to donate a certain percentage of the funds raised to women empowerment in India.

While there are piles of new shirt makers out there, Buttons ‘n’ Threads really has taken the extra step to make a quality shirt that works with a wonderful cause. Well done, boys.

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