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Dyer & Jenkins Pops in on Hemingway and Sons

Last Thursday there was a party at Silver Lake’s Hemingway and Sons. The store looks like your effortlessly cool friend’s apartment, complete with painted portraits on the wall, a beautiful woven rug on the floor, and a jukebox cranking out soulful 50s and 60s music, but fortunately for us, this homey place is a store. Brother store to Hemingway and Pickett, it already boasts a selection of great menswear at reasonable prices, but they added to it when threw open their doors to Dyer & Jenkins for a Pop Up shop.

People crowded into the store, browsing the jeans, tees, and baseball hats Dyer & Jenkins had on display, chatting with co-founders Josey Orrs and Paul Jaworski. Even more people braved LA’s version of a chilly autumn night waiting to go in, chowing down on the warm, spicy food from Tacos Tacos Tacos and beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company that the guys from Dyer & Jenkins provided for the opening party.

On top of their classic, versatile jeans and tees, Dyer & Jenkins also brought some items from their apothecary line to Hemingway and Sons. They’ve created candles, shave and beard oils, and shelter sprays to help your face and your home smell heavenly. Three scent options are named after famed Americans with a penchant for the outdoors and are made of essential oils so they’re not overpowering. The Clemens is sweet and smoky with vanilla and tobacco, Walden, for the man who so dearly loved that pond, gets a woody scent of sandalwood, cedarwood, balsam fir to name a few, and Whitman, where good ol’ Walt gets a lighter smell of Tea Tree and peppermint. The shelter spray in particular is delightful as it livens up the room, providing a comforting smell before gently lingering away– a perfect item for those days when you’ve got someone coming over, but didn’t have enough time to deep clean.

Hemingway and Sons will be hosting Dyer & Jenkins for one more week, but their full line is always available at (free shipping on orders over $100). They can also be found in stores around the country. Forge your own path with Dyer & Jenkins, looking and smelling damn good while doing it.

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