(City) Surf’s Up: Saturdays Surf NYC Spring 14

The design guys at Saturdays Surf NYC are no fools. Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall have built their brand on rock solid intuition, responding to their personal wardrobe and lifestyle needs, which basically equate to our own. Each apparel collection looks and feels right with pieces that are both covetable and timeless in a ‘I jumped out of bed, picked my favourite t-shirt off my bedroom floor and left the house on a sweet ass summer day’ kind of way. Totally effortless and supremely cool.

Fortunately, the spring 2014 offering followed suite, with an array of pieces we can’t wait to slip into for summer that ride the brand’s urban surf vibe. For starters, the go-to graphical tee is omnipresent, with bold and witty variations of ‘Saturdays’, original stripe placement and original artwork on 100% cotton. The shirts are big news too – we can’t get enough of their original camo line design. The grey and white striped linen is the ultimate vacation tee.

The colour palette is 100% summer chill, with laundered, perfectly worn and washed out red and grey offset against camel, blue-gray and the perfect shade of navy. Ideal for catching a few waves on the subway to work, wouldn’t you say?