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Boston & Stewill Find Inspiration in a Vintage Buggati

What began as dinner and drinks with friends at a pub in London became an unimaginable dream turned reality for Boston & Stewill founder, William Boddy. After doing some preliminary research on the industry, William was confident he could bring his idea to fruition. His passion for timepieces, keen eye for the smallest details, and love for wrist style led him and partners, Steve Johnston and Ally Neale, to create Boston & Stewill. They each shared a vision for a watch that was not only stunning in appearance, but also embodied sophistication, class, and elegance for the quintessential gentleman.

In their quest to take on the giants of style and watchmaking, Boston & Stewill drew inspiration for their impeccable design from unique places. The speedometer of a vintage Bugatti Boddy had once spotted in a magazine became the cornerstone of his design for the Tourer II, Boston & Stewill’s featured product. This fascinating level of design is a representation of Boston & Stewill’s commitment to quality a cut above the rest.

The Tourer II is a beautifully crafted, chronograph watch that is guaranteed to make a statement in the wristwatch fashion scene. It is classically British and features an intriguing “bullhead” design with a slightly taller watch head and details reminiscent of those found on a vintage speedometer. It is available in three dial tones: cream, white, and my personal favorite, black. The Tourer II is a handsome and smart-casual option that Boston & Stewill can surely pride themselves on. If you find yourself in the market for a new watch, this one is well-deserving of a spot in your wrist wear rotation.

Boston & Stewill recently launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Although the Tourer II has a list price of $624, they are offering a significantly discounted price of $234 to their early supporters. As of now, they are a little over halfway to their funding goal of $46,000 with 11 days to go in the campaign. If you would like to be a part of history, head over to their Kickstarter page to contribute to a brand determined to defy convention.

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