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Best Cold Weather Accessories for Fall 2013

With Old Man winter bearing down on most of the country this week, you’ll want to reach for a good pair of long johns or wooly socks. Lucky for you, base layers and socks have come a long way. Not only are they more breathable, softer and warmer without being overtly performance-oriented—a case in point is Woolpower, designed by the original makers of ultra warm knit terry products for the Swedish military, that you can now buy—they’re also stylish enough to show off to the outside world (a pair of exposed, smarty patterned socks will look great with that spanking new pair of dress boots) and better-fitting (2(x)ist’s long johns, as an example, now come in a no-show, hip rise). Here, 10 cold weather options guaranteed to put the fun back into suiting up for the cold. L-R: Soft combed cotton men’s reversible thermal pocket tee, Lands’ End, $44; tartan waistband cotton long johns, 2(x)ist, $34; Pallesson home knit wool socks, Nudie Jeans, $69; N12C7 Aran knit cotton hat, Stone Island, $145; cotton thermal long john with cotton chambray yoke, Choctaw Ridge, $84.99; honeycomb thermal scarf in grey, Reigning Champ, $43; concrete grey “fur-free” slim-fit thermal, John Bartlett for The Humane Society of the United States, $42; Italian wool Etiquette x Mark McNairy boot socks, $30; 200 G/M navy circular knit zip turtleneck (worn with long johns in same fabric), Woolpower, $115; viscose-nylon blend Gorra beanie, AllSaints, $65.

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The 11 Best Thermal Underwear for Cold Weather
The best thermal underwear for men can make all the difference this winter.

Winter can be tough. Some Southerners start to shiver the moment temperatures drop below sixty degrees, while Northerners are out in tank tops and their best shorts when the temp is near freezing. From Alaska to Arizona, though, somebody somewhere is going to be feeling the chill this winter. That's why having the right gear (like the best thermal underwear) can help tremendously. Luckily, thermal underwear is here to save the day, with some styles featuring the latest in fiber tech to help keep us warm, whether for a day on the slopes or for a snowy commute.

Call ‘em Long Johns, thermals, flannels, or tights; they all offer a sleek extra layer under pants or jeans, but many also work with shorts to keep muscles warm for a morning run or workout. They can even look kinda sexy when worn on their own, for those cold winter nights around the house when the fireplace is roaring and the hot toddies are brewing.

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Stitch Fix Launching Sustainably Made Knits
Stitch Fix Knits.

Stitch Fix Knits. Stitch Fix

How do you know that you can trust a clothing dealer’s quality? One positive indication is its staying power. And partnering with a mill with 115 years of making shirts is a pretty good place to begin. 

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How to Buy a Quality Sweater: Material, Types, and Tips
Latin american guy trying out a sweater on top at a men's clothing store.

Having the right sweater to wear with any outfit is kind of like a wine pairing. Can you serve a tasty steak with a wine that’s not a luscious Cabernet Sauvignon? Sure, but it’s just not as perfect. Building a sweater wardrobe is what separates the sartorially proficient from the stylistically sad. We suggest choosing a few key pieces that work with your life, career, and wardrobe, buying the best you can afford, and then taking good care of them. 
Like so many things in life, in sweaters, you usually do get what you pay for. That is not to say that sometimes expensive designer merchandise isn’t made from cheap materials, and what you’re really paying for is a few square inches of logo-embroidered label. Conversely, a store will sometimes sell a well-made sweater of quality yarns as a “loss-leader,” hoping to tempt you into the department to splurge on other things. Without diving too deeply into technical specifications, just keep in mind the following: Natural fibers like wool or cotton, are more expensive than man-made fibers like acrylic, and they also usually hold up better. Before you buy a sweater, turn it inside out: are the seams straight and bound properly, so they won’t come apart easily after a few wears? Does the zipper feel like it could catch easily on the sweater itself? Are the buttons sewn on securely? Beyond that, buy the best you can afford, and hold onto your receipts.  

Exactly What is A Sweater?

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