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TGIF Shopping: Beckett Simonon Set To Release First-Ever 100% Waterproof Suede Bomber Jacket

Beckett Simonon, aiming to fuse high-end design and technology, is rounding the corner on their crowd-funding effort to manufacture the first-ever 100% waterproof suede bomber jacket.

The thing about suede anything is the underlying fear of it getting ruined by inclement weather (fear is a strong word, sure, but suede ain’t cheap!).

Using game-changing nanotechnology, they added durability by making their calf suede leather bomber both waterproof and virtually stain proof.

“There are a lot of waterproof products out there, however most of them are made out of plastic materials like polyester, which have a natural resistance but huge problems with breathability and lightness,” explains Beckett Simonon co-founder Andres Niño. Known for it’s soft, unique texture, suede’s one of a kind finish puts it in a category of its own.


The problem? “Suede is a very delicate material that makes it very tricky to care for. This often means, people don’t buy suede products because they are very high maintenance and also very expensive to replace. These qualities made it the best choice for our Nano Polymer technology, making it resistant to liquids and stains while being fairly priced and conserving all its original attributes.”

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Securing its dominance over other bombers extends beyond the technology, seeping through to the make. Featuring ribbed wool accents at the wrists and bottom hem, a full-grain leather trim on the pocket, a cotton-linen blend lining, and a YKK Everbright zipper from Japan that promises never to get stuck.

“Everyone right now is focused on electronic wearables, like the Apple Watch, however we’ve noticed a lack of technology applications that have been explored in other industries, especially in fashion. We have seen brands we respect and admire a lot that are making the same way they did 30 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, we are all about tradition and quality, but we feel this tradition paired with technology will add a great value to premium fashion products.”

Available in both brown and navy, the jacket will begin retailing this fall for $275 on their website.