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Be an 80s Ski Hero, Save the World!

Skiing in a vintage ’80s onesie is a fun dare that GetOutfitted is proposing for the next few winters in the hopes of raising awareness for how climate change is affecting the ski industry. As of this week, the factory-to-front-door ski, camping, and kayaking rental company is offering up about 22 original ’80s (and some ’90s) ski jumpers that their VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Mueller, has been collecting over the past few years. Rentals are $25 a day and proceeds go to benefit POW (Protect Our Winters), a well-respected non-profit who have been taking the ski/ outdoor industry space by storm, mobilizing the community to lead the fight against climate change.

Whether you’re going solo or a group of you decide to carve some bodacious lines this season, the vibe is good. Because it’s been a few years, we checked in with 80s ski gear expert, Mike Mueller to see what you can expect if you throw back while you shred.

What made you start collecting vintage 80s ski gear?
Funny you should ask. I actually have quite the pedigree when it comes to the onesie ski fashion. My grandpa was wearing onesies when they first came out back in the early ‘60s and then my dad for most of his ski career. I’ll never forget the moment when I turned 18, my dad gave me my first onesie. It was originally a gift from his father in the early 80’s, and now it had been passed down to me. It was a pretty surreal and nearly spiritual experience. It was that moment, that I knew what I had been put on this earth for.

How long have you been amassing this collection?
10 years, but over the last year I’ve really kicked it into high gear.

GetOutfitted 80s ski hero for climate change
Which of the brands that you’ve collected, do you think are the most quintessentially 80s?
I’ve been collecting a lot of the usual suspects: Boegner, Desecente, Obermeyer, Helly Hansen. But there are a few rare gems in the collection from brands like: High Society and Post Card.

Favorite 80s ski movie?
At the risk of being cliche, I think I might have to go with Hot Dogs. Unfortunately ’80s ski movies are an art form that are on the verge of extinction. Hot Tub Time Machine, though not made in the ’80s, was a refreshing tribute to ’80s ski culture.

What makes a good 80s ski jumper?
The 80’s was an era of exploration and experimentation for ski gear. They pushed the envelope of what people thought was possible back then. People were experimenting with colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics that you just don’t see today. The amount of neons, crazy patterns, and flare incorporated into a single outfit was downright impressive.

Now, go rent Hot Dog and pump up the jam for the love of the slope and the good of the Earth!

GetOutfitted 80s ski hero for climate change