100 Beards, 100 Days: Taking Five with Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Blogger extraordinaire and fashion photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce is possibly one of the nicest, most exciting people emerging on the London men’s fashion scene right now. Born and bred in Scotland, Pryce moved to London last summer, and promptly bagged the award for Photographer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards. Gaining momentum, JDP then began his revered 100 beards, 100 days blog project which led to the publishing of his sell-out book featuring the entire collection of his sartorially charged beard portraits.

We managed to grab five with the man of the moment for a chat about men’s style and facial fuzz.

Hey JDP, what’s new and exciting?

Hello! Everything feels exciting and new for me right now. I’ve just moved house and I’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline. One will be a digital showcase spotlighting the unsung heroes of the men’s fashion industry. It’s a joint project with a friend called ‘The Inside Man’ and will feature the most interesting men behind the scenes – the pattern cutter, the illustrator.

The success of your 100 beards book still seems to be going strong, considering the sell-out sales so far. You must be ecstatic?

I’m overwhelmed actually. It’s been nearly 8 months since I first thought of the idea and it’s been non-stop ever since. I’ve had an exhibition in Edinburgh, two in London (one with Jigsaw Menswear, one at Front Room at St Martin’s Lane), an exhibition in Linz, Austria and I’m also talking to a gallery in Brazil currently. The first edition of books has sold out and I’m now looking at a re-print. It’s crazy!

So far, your imagery has been Brit-centric. Do you have any solid plans to shoot across seas? The Manual would love to see you in the US!

I’ve actually had a few friends suggest doing a kick-starter project, which I’m now seriously considering. What I think I’ll do is try to fund a photographic and film documentary of 100 beards in the US. Check 100beards.tumblr.com for details soon!

The majority of your subjects are guys. Do you prefer shooting men to women?

The reason I started a men only project with 100 Beards is because they’re notoriously more difficult. Now I do this and also have my men’s street style blog AnotherGarcon.blogspot.com, I’m enjoying men’s fashion more than ever.

How would you define the style of British men?

British men are irreverent, culturally aware, referencing a wide range of subjects and styles across history. They may not always stick to the style “rulebook”, but they’re always interesting.

Who has been your favorite subject to shoot so far?

I love anyone with a story or personality that matches his or her intriguing style. It can be the old man on the street off to get groceries or the creative designer in East London full of energy. Anyone I make a connection with.

Who inspires your daily dress?

It’s an amalgamation of all the people I meet and spot on the street to be honest. If I were to name names, I’d say 70s Paul Newman and 50s Montgomery Clift were impeccably dressed.

Can you tell us about any exciting brands to watch out for here in the US?

I think Jigsaw is doing a great job with their menswear line and I love Duchamp London for their use of colour and tailoring. Also my Spencer Hart coat is beautiful.

What is good style?

Knowing yourself and being confident with who you are.

What’s next?

Hopefully a road trip across the States in search of great beards!