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The Night Agent season 2: Everything we know so far

We'll get you ready for The Night Agent season 2!

Luciane Buchanan and Gabriel Basso in The Night Agent.

The Night Agent may not be everyone’s choice to be among the best shows on Netflix, but it’s in the top ten for us! The Shield creator Shawn Ryan adapted Matthew Quirk’s spy action thriller, The Night Agent, for Netflix in 2023, and it proved to be a hit out of the gate. By Netflix’s internal metrics, it’s the sixth-highest viewed series in the history of the platform.

Those kind of numbers mean that a second season was inevitable, and Netflix made it official just over a week after The Night Agent premiered. Since the series is back in production, the details about what’s coming up on the show have started to trickle out. To help you stay on top of this series, here’s everything we know about The Night Agent season 2.

What is The Night Agent about?

Gabriel Basso in The Night Agent.

The series follows Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), and at the beginning of the story he was just a lowly FBI agent with the thankless task as a Night Action telephone operator at the White House. Peter’s mundane existence ended when he fielded a call from Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan), a former cyber-security CEO who was given the Night Agent number from her aunt and uncle before they were murdered.

With Rose’s help, Peter exposed a traitor in the White House and he may have saved the country. That’s why Peter is now a full Night Agent as of the end of season 1, while Rose is free to resume her life in the private sector.

Which cast members will return in season 2?

Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan in The Night Agent.

Basso and Buchanan are both confirmed to return in The Night Agent season 2 as Peter and Rose, respectively.

Will the villains from season 1 return?

Ben Cotton in The Night Agent.

While speaking to Netflix’s Tudum, Ryan hinted that two of the antagonists from season 1, Diane Farr (Hong Chau) and Gordon Wick (Ben Cotton), could return at some point.

“We liked the idea that this wasn’t so clean,” said Ryan. “[Wick] is one person who, because of his resources and everything, is able to slink away. Maybe we’ll deal with him again in some way.”

Diane survived getting shot in the first season, but Basso isn’t necessarily done with her after the treacherous things she did.

“Due to his belief in due process, he’s not going to be bummed she’s alive,” noted Basso. “But if Farr eludes justice, he’ll be a little more wary of [President] Travers. To be a traitor and not receive justice is not OK with Peter.”

Who is joining the cast in season 2?

Amanda Warren in The Leftovers.

Amanda Warren leads the newcomers as Catherine Weaver, a veteran Night Agent who trains and supervises new agents. Brittany Snow will appear on a recurring basis as Alice, Peter’s new partner and mentor.

Arienne Mandi has a key role as Noor, a low-level Iranian aide at the United Nations who may be looking to defect or to sell sensitive information that could secure her future. Her agenda conflicts with Javad (Keon Alexander), the head of security for Iran’s mission at the United Nations. Louis Herthum will portray Jacob Monroe, an international power broker who may be interested in Noor’s intel. Berto Colon will play Monroe’s right-hand man, Solomon.

The final regular cast member for season 2 is Michael Malarkey, who plays Markus, a military leader whose uncle was convicted of war crimes at the Hague. Recurring cast members in season 2 include Teddy Sears as Warren, Navid Negahban as Abbas, and Rob Heaps as Tomas.

Is The Night Agent season 2 in production?

Gabriel Basso in The Night Agent.

Yes. Filming began in February, and it is currently ongoing.

When will The Night Agent season 2 debut?

Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan in The Night Agent.

Netflix hasn’t set a date for The Night Agent season 2 yet. But if we had to guess, a 2025 premiere seems more likely than a late 2024 premiere.

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