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Snoop Dogg Leading the Sunday Night Football Final on Peacock Sports

Snoop Dogg and L.A. Rams outside linebacker Von Miller on NBC's Sunday Night Football on Nov. 22.
Snoop Dogg and L.A. Rams outside linebacker Von Miller on NBC’s Sunday Night Football on November 22. Peacock Sports/YouTube

Did you know that Los Angeles Rams’ Von Miller is not only one of the more feared NFL defenders, but also “a phenomenal dancer, a chicken farming kingpin, and a fashion icon?” You would if you’re plugged into Snoop Dogg’s new Peacock Sports Final.

Following NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the iconic hip-hop pioneer is joined by NFL players and notable actors and musicians to break down the action. Snoop welcomes these guests for segments that range from breaking down the weekend’s professional football action to digging into lives outside of the gridiron.

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Post-game coverage of SNF’s Week 11 matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, featured Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen speaking with Snoop, analyst Jac Collinsworth, and former NFL safety Rodney Harrison. After getting into the Chargers’ big win that night, Snoop jumped into Allen’s continued contributions to Los Angeles area youth.

“Keenan been about this life for a long time,” Snoop said. “He does a lot of great things in the community. Coaching the Englewood Chargers, he came out there and had a conversation with my kids, enlightening them and then the Chargers blessed us with uniforms. This is a real interactive thing we do with these kids and we like people like (Allen) who’s still connected to the community. That’s how we connect — as family.“

That wasn’t it for Snoop’s Week 11 commentary. After breaking down the games, Peacock Sports turned back to the studio to air the Doggfather’s Drippin’ or Trippin’ segment with Miller to analyze the best and worst dressed athletes of the week. Miller was a bit more giving to his football brethren while Snoop didn’t hold back, especially when Carolina Panthers defensive end Brian “Spiderman” Burns arrived in a black suit checkered in large white stripes.

“He drippin.’ I like that hat,” Miller said, ignoring the ostentatious outfit.

“Them webs threw me off, though,” Snoop said. “I like pinstripes, but I don’t know what that is. He looks like he a brick wall.”

This drew a guffaw from a backstage worker that echoed through the studio.

“I’m [going to] say he trippin’ today,” Snoop said.

Snoop himself tends to favor the stonier side of fashion. He appeared half-hidden under a bright orange beanie and behind some seriously dark shades centered by a giant gold eagle for Week 12’s segment, Call It Back, with actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery. Chicago-native Howery had to take some ribbing from the Dogg as well.

“What I don’t like is if my Bears are under .500.”

“Mmm… that’s a terrible thing, man. But it’s a usual thing,” Snoop said. “Naw, I’m just playin’.”

Snoop brings a rawness and realness to the Sunday Night Football Final that more buttoned-up former athletes don’t necessarily provide. They’re part of the fraternity as former players, but Snoop is Snoop, a musician and personality that never has — and never will — hold back bringing color to whatever activity he’s participating in.

Check out the clips to catch up on the action at, where you can also learn more about Peacock and how to sign up to catch the next segment from the Dogg Pound.

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