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Rosepops Mother’s Day Deal: Flower Arrangements that Will Last a Year

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You might have heard of the new flower trend involving “forever” or “eternity” roses. These preserved flowers go by many names but essentially they’re real roses treated to last for a very long time. If you’re wondering when is the best time to shop for them, it’s around this time when you’ll find special Mother’s Day deals. While there are many of these popular rose brands out there, be sure to check out Rosepops. At Rosepops, roses are picked at peak bloom and preserved with natural wax. And right now Rosepops is offering 15% sitewide with the promo code MOTHER15.

Not only do you get 15% off but you can snag 30% off of your next purchase. Whether it’s your mom, grandmother, a new mother in the family, or your mother-in-law, flowers are always a classic and elegant gift and you can make it extra special with roses that will last until Mother’s Day 2022. Hurry because today is the last day to order within the shipping cutoff. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Check out some of our favorite picks below for inspiration.

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Mom’s Midi but Mighty

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What really makes Rospepops stand out are the personalization options. Whether you decide to build your own Rosepop or choose from a set, there are options to make your gift extra unique. For example, you start off by choosing the rose colors and you can even add fragrance to your roses. Choose from a variety of scents such as Lavender Frost and Citrus Twist at no extra charge. Along with your message included in the basket, you can choose to pay for an extra monogram design.  And for just $12 more you can upload an image to add to the top of the lid to make it super memorable.

Starting at $120 at Rosepops

Three’s a Charm

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For something a little smaller to place in your home we love the Three’s a Charm. It’s a perfect gift to keep on your vanity and make your room smell delicious. Choose from a pink, white, or black mock croc design for the heart shaped exterior and make it your own.

Starting at $90 at Rosepops

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