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Early Prime Day Deal: Save 10% on Original Casper Pillow

Just one day from the official Prime Day and we’re seeing some really tempting Prime Day deals that can extend to every part of our lives — work, entertainment, home — including the bedroom. We’re seeing a flood of Prime Day mattress sales with everything from food processors to pressure cookers going on sale. Right now, you can save 10% on an Original Casper Pillow that’s both comfy and supportive. It’s down to $59, from its regular piece of $65. That’s a deal we could really curl up with.

In 2014, Casper upended the entire mattress and bedding world with its direct-to-consumer foam mattress, delivered (all rolled up into an unimaginably compact cylinder) right to your door; no fuss no muss. The brand has followed that model with its pillows, offering you, “A great sleep, simplified” as the company likes to put it.

With the Casper Original Pillow, what you really get are two pillows in one. Casper’s design wizards innovated a pillow that begins with a supportive smaller pillow — the kind that’s perfect for sitting up and reading in bed, or ideal if you like a stiffer pillow on which to sleep (it’s good for building forts, too) — and then placed it inside an outer pillow that is softer and fluffier. What you get in this sensuous shell game is the benefit of both kinds of pillow in one thoughtfully designed, elegant looking, simple pillow.

Casper’s Original Pillow design also features a 2-inch gusset along the side. What’s a gusset you ask? Think of a Chelsea boot. That expandable, elastic patch on the ankle of the boot that allows pliability, roominess and more action — that’s a gusset. And it acts the same on Casper’s Original Pillow, giving your neck better alignment options and letting the down-alternative filled inside of the pillow be more evenly distributed. It’s like a desk organizer for your pillow’s contents.

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And those contents, the down-alternative fiber cluster, is maybe the single most important factor in the pillow’s quality. At Casper, they road-tested (or sleep-tested) pillow after pillow until they found a filler material that surpassed all other. Some will swear that you cannot beat real down, but Casper thinks it has surpassed that principle with its technologically advanced down-alternative fiber cluster, which is individually blown into the cover. What this does is prevent your pillow from clumping up, which means less fluffing, and more sleeping, for you.

This pillow’s cover is also 100% cotton, which is absolutely essential to having a good night’s sleep. The key here is its construction in a breathable percale weave. This kind of weave allows more air to breathe through the material, which will result in you keeping cooler and having a better rest.

Attractive and comfy, Casper’s Original Pillow is, not to put too fine a point on it, the pillow of your dreams. In anticipation of Prime Day,  you can save 10%. An Original Pillow is down to $59, from its regular piece of $65.

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