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Our Debut on DT’s ‘Trends with Benefits’ Podcast

We are psyched to kick off our first foray into podcasts with the crew from our brother site, Digital Trends.

Tune in to learn that:

  • Six percent of Americans say they want to own an Apple Watch, but based on all the aspiring owners we’ve encountered, they’re still trying to figure out why.
  • Dan wants to skip the wearables phase and go straight to bio implants, but the implications of always-recording tech in your body are almost too much for a conspiracy theorist to bear.
  • The ultimate accessory for VR goggles might be a fine glass of Scotch.
  • No matter how skeptical you are of robots, you’re going to want a robot chef. Just watch the thing with knives.

This week’s Trends with Benefits includes Digital Trends’s CTO Dan Gaul, managing editor Nick Mokey, host Greg Nibler, and special guest Cator Sparks of The Manual.

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Cator Sparks
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