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Muzik Smart Headphones Will Set You Free

muzik smart headphones will set you free
“You’ve never heard music like this” — that’s what the folks over at Muzik, the makers of the world’s smart headphones, are telling us, and after trying a pair out for ourselves, we think that they may be right. These headphones take all the annoying parts of sharing music and listening to it. All you have to do is connect the headphones via bluetooth to your music device, whether it be a computer or a smart phone, and there you have it! You can go anywhere in the room—as long as it’s within 45 feet of the source— without being restricted by a cord.

“Now you can enjoy hours of crystal-clear, high definition, wireless music,” says Muzik’s website. “With a touch of a finger on your headphones, you can instantly share your favorite song with all of your friends and followers.”

Now that’s what we’re talking about! Choose from either the black or white pair, sync them up to your system, and you have everything you need right on your head. On the right side is a set of buttons where you can share music, discover new music, or simply control the volume. Muzik headphones are especially great when you want to have the freedom to move around the room without bothering anybody.

Imagine all the great uses — dancing like crazy without anybody knowing what you’re listening to, cleaning while playing your favorite song, playing video games while being able to move around without anybody having to listen what you’re doing, or even working out without bothering anybody! The list goes on and on…so grab a pair, try them, and discover the feeling of the freedom and sound quality that muzik headphones give you. We’ve even heard that Drake uses them, so they must be good.

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