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Cyberhouse Is the Post-Apocalyptic Crash Pad for Your Tesla Cybertruck

It’s been almost two months since Elon Musk revealed Tesla’s all-new, “bulletproof” Cybertruck. The radical design continues to polarize automotive enthusiasts. Now, one Russian company is poised to give the community even more to talk about with a Blade Runner-esque residence purpose-built to house the Cybertruck.

Cyberhouse and Cybertruck for the zombie Apocalypse

The “cyber” moniker feels as dated as an AOL dial-up internet connection. Nevertheless, like Elon Musk, Russian design firm Modern House is looking to resurrect it with the aptly named Cyberhouse. The one-of-a-kind design is a 3,230-square-foot bunker built to survive the zombie apocalypse. The hard angular exterior pulls inspiration from (one might argue “blatantly rips off”) the Cybertruck’s radical lines. A concrete and steel shell protects the self-sustained compound against nuclear war, zombies, and other unsavories with armored windows, metallic blinds, military-grade airlock doors, and even a drawbridge. Modern House promises that these features protect against so-called “Z-Day” environmental disasters, including radiation, and mechanical and electromagnetic shocks.

Modern House

Details on the official Modern House website are thin. The marketing brochure for Cyberhouse feels like part of a script from the Resident Evil franchise: “A zombie virus has finally broken out at a top-secret biolab. Decades of warnings from pop culture were not enough. Mindless but determined hordes of undead roam the countryside, devouring town after unsuspecting town.” The company’s Chief Architect, Alex Wizhevsky, confirmed the final design was ripped straight from Tesla’s Cybertruck. “When I saw the presentation of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck, I had a question: ‘what would the owner of such a car be like’, because this car is a super protected armored car,” he told Dezeen.

Inside, a central atrium anchors the two-story structure. The living quarters — including the bedrooms, bathrooms, and lounge areas — would wrap the space with a rooftop deck above. A subterranean garage provides protected storage for a Cybertruck, machetes, canned Spam, and other survivalist gear, all accessible via an elevator. Cyberhouse is designed to sleep seven survivors comfortably, although it’ll fit 10 in a pinch.

Modern House
Modern House

Cyberhouse was first billed as a concept. Evidently, there was more demand than the company anticipated, and the real-world design is now available with a starting price of $865,000. If a prepper-chic doomsday bunker isn’t quite cozy enough, Modern House promises an all-new “Santa cottage for atomic wintering” sometime in 2020.

If you’re looking to equip your new bunker with a backup bug-out ride, the custom, million-dollar Ramsmobile SUV is still available. Hookah optional.

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