Gardening Tools for Planting Veggies, Because Your Burger Can’t Tomato Itself

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Gardening isn’t just for the ladies. It’s relaxing, rewarding, and good for your health (and also, what is farming, but gardening on a massive scale?). But good luck finding gardening tools that aren’t covered in butterflies and pretty flowers. If you’re itching to get your hands dirty for some fresh corn, tomatoes, and beans all while keeping your dignity, we’ve got you covered with these useful, and manly, gardening tools.

Standard Tools

Harvest Gardening Tools – $204

Who knew a garden rake could be sexy? Black walnut and hand-forged steel combine to make the ultimate good-looking gardening tools. The Harvest Gardening Tools are exactly what you need to feel like a man when you start digging in the dirt.

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Copper Gardening Tools – $45

These Copper Gardening Tools from Mercantile + CO aren’t just stylish, they’re actually good for your plants. As you dig, trace amounts of copper get left behind in the soil, adding rich nutrients to your garden.

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Specialty Tools

Nisaku Digging Tool – $25

If you’re going to get serious about gardening, your basic hoe and rake aren’t going to cut it. This multi-purpose digging tool from Nisaku lets you perform a variety of tasks and even includes a handy ruler so you know how deep your holes are.

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Corona ComfortGEL Weeder – $7

Weeding is the worst, but the Corona ComfortGEL Weeder from Dripdepot makes the task easier to handle.

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Garden Knife – $40

Every tool kit should have a great knife and your gardening kit is no exception. Check out the Bill Hook Garden Knife which features a hand sharpened blade and smooth wood handle. This also functions perfectly well as mushroom knife when you’re out searching for chanterelles.

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Oil for Garden Tool Handles – $9

You’ve just dropped a lot of money on high quality, stylish tools so you should take the time to properly care for them. This care oil from The Tool Forge will keep those wooden handles protected, flexible, and smooth for years to come, but you can also use generic linseed oil.

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Eena Garden Tote – $60
Eena Garden Tote

Your sexy tool set deserves a luxury tote to carry them around. The Eena Garden Tote from Canoe has sturdy handles, is made from thick canvas, and has a vinyl bottom to protect your tools from moisture. With an extra four pockets on the outside, you have plenty of space to organize your garden kit.

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Garden Carrier – $51

Once you begin to harvest the literal fruits of your labor, you’ll need a way to carry your pickings back into the house. This simple canvas carrier is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest loads, from potatoes to logs for the fireplace, it’s a must-have garden kit accessory.

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Dungarees – $129 and Work Jacket – $149

Gardening isn’t just about your tool kit, you’ve got to have the right clothes too. These Men’s Dungarees in Olive from Carrier Company are great for the garden, made from breathable (and easily washable) cotton. Pair up your dungarees with Carrier Company’s Work Jacket which is lightweight, durable, and great for year-round use.

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Leather Pocket Apron – $88

The last thing you want after a day of playing in the dirt is to come away with stains on your threads. Protect your clothes with this insanely stylish leather and denim apron from Etsy shop Arc 1.

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Kobalt Cordless Electric Chainsaw – $300

And finally, no manly gardening kit would be complete without a chainsaw. Kobalt’s lithium ion battery powered, cordless chainsaw will have you grunting like Tim Allen as you tackle unruly bushes and tree branches.

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