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The 7 Best Gardening Tools of 2020

Gardening can be relaxing and rewarding, a therapeutic activity while you’re at it, and a satisfying achievement when you bite into your own fresh tomatoes, peppers, squash, and herbs. Or whatever else you choose to grow — this is America, you do you out there in the dirt, fella. And while all you really need to plant and tend a fine food garden is some healthy soil, a single spade, seeds, and a way to keep it all watered, with the right gardening tools for the job, your hobby will be that much more enjoyable. Not only will it be more enjoyable but having the right products for gardening will make it much more productive.

So, let’s look at a few of the best tools for planting and tending a garden full of delectable edibles.

Fiskars Transplanting Spade – $43

Fiskars Transplanting Spade

Once you’ve mowed your lawn and sectioned out a par for gardening, you’re going to need a spade to keep your gardening area organized. If you try to move an established plant with a standard handheld spade, you’re likely going to chop some of its roots off. It might live, but you’ll lose productivity and reduce your harvest. The long, slender blade of this large spade allows for deep, precise holes that bring an entire root system along to the plant’s new home.

Nisaku Digging Tool – $24

Nisaku Digging Tool

If you’re going to get serious about gardening, your basic hoe and rake aren’t going to cut it. This multipurpose digging tool from Nisaku lets you perform a variety of tasks and even includes a handy ruler so you know how deep your holes are.

Corona Comfortgel Weeder – $11

Corona Comfortgel Weeder

Weeding is the worst, but the Corona ComfortGEL Weeder from Dripdepot makes the task easier to handle.

Worx Collapsible Yard Waste Bin – $28

Worx Collapsible Yard Waste Bin

This lightweight bin can hold up to 26 gallons worth of trimmed leaves, pulled weeds, rotten tomatoes, and so on, and it won’t be punctured by sharp brambles or thorns. Best of all, it collapses flat when not in use.

K-Brands Tomato Cage – $20

K-Brands Tomato Cage

Give your tomatoes, cucumbers, and other such plants a hand with this customizable stand that can be set up as tall as 72 inches in height or used as several different lower plant cages.

Wells Lamont Men’s Leather Work Gloves – $16

These Wells Lamont gloves are made of premium cowhide leather. They’re great for getting in the dirt daily, or even if you’re chopping and hauling lumber. It’s adjustable enough for flexibility and comes in five different sizes.

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