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The Manual Holiday Gift Guide: For the Design Junky

manual holiday gift guide design junky

For the At-Home Cook: Folding Cutting Board
They’ll be able to throw away their food scraps in a pinch with this cutting board.
$20 at

 For Tea Time: Alessi Pito Water Kettle
Who says boiling water doesn’t have to look good?
$490 at

For the Chair Nerd: Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Vitra Organic Conference Chair
This iconic chair will last for generations to come.
$2,245 at

For the Whiskey Drinker: Teroforma Whiskey Stones
Now he’ll be able to enjoy his whiskey on the rocks without having to worry about watering anything down.
$25 at

For the Hipster Handyman: Arik Levy Vitra Toolbox
He’ll love keeping all his tools in this sleek contemporary toolbox.
$60 at

For the Music Lover: Magno Micro Wooden Radio MiKRO
Listen to the latest hits from this cool radio.
$175 at

For the Globetrotter: Muji Nylon Passport Case
He’ll have all his travel essentials in one place.
$16.25 at

For the Person Who Needs Color in the Office: Poppin Complete Outfit
He’ll be excited to go to work with these cool office supplies.
$82 at

For the Person Who’s Always Looking for an Outlet: the Herman Miller Desktop Power Outlet
Never again will he have to crouch down and crawl while looking for an outlet.
$159 at

For the Napper: The Ostrich Pillow
Nap with ease with this handy pillow.
For more information, visit

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