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Cheap Lego: Walmart is Having a Huge Sale on Bricks and Sets Today

Lego deals are always some of the most fun deals to check out and right now, Walmart is having a huge sale on bricks and sets. Whether you’re looking to buy something to share with your little ones, or you want an adult kit to construct by yourself, there are some awesome kits out there at great prices. Brick sets start from under $10 with plenty of sets to choose from. Check out the sale now.

The best Lego for adults is suitably varied and challenging but in a hugely satisfying way. The thinking here is that whether you’re building a boat, constructing a Star Wars X-Wing fighter, or piecing together a room of Hogwarts, the experience is great for stimulating your creativity as well as relieving stress.

Via the Walmart sale, there are options for every taste including the best Lego car sets for when you want to build that dream vehicle you can probably never afford in real life. We’re not going to tell you what to build because Lego is a pretty personal thing and we all have different favorites. However, there are some key highlights to consider.

Thanks to Lego embracing so many different brands, you can snap up the latest Lego Star Wars The Bad Batch range sets from $100 for something like the Attack Shuttle, or alternatively, you can embrace your game-loving side with one of the many Super Mario sets available ranging from $60 to $100. There are creative options too like a 3-in-1 fish tank for $30.

Even more creative options come from the brick sets on offer with massive brick boxes from $38, reduced from $60, as well as Duplo for your smallest child who’s keen to try out Legos for the first time ever.

See what we mean? With so many options available via the Walmart Lego sale, it’s tough to know where to begin. We won’t blame you if you go nuts and buy a lot. You could always stockpile for the holidays or simply treat yourself now. Whatever the plan, check out the Walmart Lego sale today to how much you could save on the best creative toy out there.

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