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Is Best Buy Having a Prime Day Sale?

Best Buy

If you’ve been waiting for this year’s Prime Day deals, you may already know that Best Buy will almost certainly have summer sales on the same days. Amazon’s Prime Day falls on June 21 and 22, so you can expect Best Buy will join Walmart and other major retailers with its own sales. Best Buy also sells several of Amazon-owned branded product lines so there’s a strong likelihood that Best Buy will match Amazon’s Prime Day prices on those deals — more on that below. The main point to keep in mind as Prime Day sales get closer is that Amazon won’t be the only mega-merchant with deeply discounted products during Prime Day.

When Is Best Buy Prime Day?

Amazon announced the Prime Day 2021 date late in the evening on June 1. The major Prime Day sales event will take place on June 21 and June 22. There will also be two lead-up sales promotions, one starting June 2, with select brands and product models on sale, and also on June 7 when Amazon will devote promotional back and support for Amazon’s many small business resellers.


We don’t expect Best Buy to match everything Amazon does during the lead up to and the actual Prime Day sales event. It’s already too late in one sense because Amazon started Prime Day sales on a limited selection of products today and Best Buy did not. We suspect you’ll begin to see Best Buy early Prime Day deals starting Saturday, June 5, or Monday, June 7. There’s no question at all, however, that on June 21 and June 22, when Amazon promises more than two million different deals worldwide, that Best Buy will also reserve their greatest selection of best deals for those two days.

What Can We Expect From Best Buy Prime Day?

Best Buy’s Prime Day deals won’t differ in kind from its normal product categories.  So be sure at least to price check with Best Buy if you’re shopping for electronics including TVs, computers and computer accessories, home appliances large and small, furniture for home and office, entertainment products of all kinds, and sustainable living products.

Best Buy has a special relationship with Amazon as one of the few retailers other than Amazon that is authorized to sell Amazon-owned brand products. For example, if you’re in the market for smart home systems or accessories, Best Buy’s sales will most likely include Amazon’s Echo, Ring, Blink, and Eero brand products with the same Prime Day prices you’ll find on Amazon. Best Buy is a better place than Amazon to shop for 4K TVs, but Best Buy also carries the full line of Amazon’s Fire TV products. Best Buy’s greatest competition for 4K TV sales is Walmart.

Amazon carries only a relative few major appliances, but Best Buy will have a large selection of refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and so on at excellent prices. Best Buy competes with Home Depot and Lowe’s in major home appliance sales leadership.

Should I Buy from Best Buy During Prime Day?

It isn’t prudent to limit your Prime Day deal hunting to only one retailer. You certainly can start your hunt for deals on the categories mentioned just above where Best Buy stands among the best sources in normal selling periods, not just during major sales. Regardless of which merchant you start with, when you’ve narrowed down a product you what to buy, it’s always a good idea to be sure you do check price checks on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. When you do the price comparisons, be careful to compare exactly the same models, otherwise, you may find you saved a few dollars but bought an older model than you expected. Buying previous year and earlier electronic products can be a wonderful way to save money, but that’s only a good thing if you realize that’s the trade-off.

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