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Will Hulu’s Under the Bridge be your next true crime obsession?

Why you should make the time to catch Hulu's new true crime series, Under the Bridge.

Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone in Under the Bridge.

Although Shogun has easily been one of the best shows on Hulu this spring, it’s going to have some competition soon. Later this month, Hulu will premiere Under the Bridge, a new original series that just might be your next true crime obsession. This show has the star power of a season of True Detective, and it’s even based on real events. But more importantly, it has a serialized storyline that’s going to keep viewers on the edge of their seats through its eight-episode run.

To get you ready for the show, we’re sharing everything that you need to know about Under the Bridge, the Reena Virk story, and why you should watch this series on Hulu.

Who was Reena Virk?

Vritika Gupta as Reena Virk in Under the Bridge.

Reena Virk was a 14-year-old girl of Indian descent who was living in Canada when she was murdered in 1997. By all accounts, Virk was bullied by her peers while she struggled to find acceptance. On November 14, 1997, Virk was brutally beaten by a group of teenagers and then subsequently murdered by drowning. It was a national scandal in Canada, and the search for Virk’s killers and their subsequent prosecution was a major story in the media.

What’s the story about in Under the Bridge?

Riley Keough in Under the Bridge.

The show is based on the true crime novel by Rebecca Godfrey, which chronicles her partnership with detective Cam Bentland as they investigate Virk’s death. The broad strokes of their investigation also led them to look into Virk’s family life, as well as the personal lives of the kids who murdered Virk.

Who’s starring in Under the Bridge?

Lily Gladstone in Under the Bridge.

After starring in Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & the Six last year, Riley Keough signed on to play the leading role of Rebecca Godfrey in this series. Similarly, Lily Gladstone, who is coming off her Oscar-nominated performance for Best Actress in Killers of the Flower Moon, shares top billing with Keough in Under the Bridge. Gladstone will portray Cam Bentland.

The rest of the cast includes the following performers:

  • Izzy G as Kelly Ellard
  • Chloe Guidry as Josephine Bell
  • Michael Buie as George Spiros
  • Ezra Farouke Khan as Manjit Virk
  • Archie Panjabi as Suman Virk
  • Vritika Gupta as Reena Virk
  • Javon Walton as Warren Glowatski
  • Aiyana Goodfellow as Dusty Pace
  • Anoop Desai as Raj Masihajjar

Is there a trailer for Under the Bridge?

Chloe Guidry in Under the Bridge.

Yes, there is. And the comparisons between this series and True Detective: Night Country are unavoidable after the moody atmosphere established in the trailer. While Night Country had supernatural overtones, Under the Bridge has something far more disturbing with its down-to-earth evil of a group of teenagers who so callously killed someone who wanted to be one of them.

Under the Bridge | Official Trailer | Hulu

When will Under the Bridge premiere?

Riley Keough in Under the Bridge.

Hulu will debut the first two episodes of Under the Bridge on Wednesday, April 17. New episodes will be released weekly until May 29.

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