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This 3,955-piece ‘Home Alone’ LEGO Set Is the Perfect Gift for Pros

The Alex Storozhuk-designed 3,955-piece 'Home Alone' LEGO house.
The Alex Storozhuk-designed 3,955-piece ‘Home Alone’ LEGO house.

Ukraine’s Alex Storozhuk had a particular hankering for the Christmas holiday. In lieu of the usual holiday decorations, Storozhuk symbolized his Yuletide spirit in an immense and intricate ode to 1990’s Home Alone: a 3,955-piece LEGO replica of the McCallister’s home. 

“Just as every ’90s kid did, I grew up watching this classic and it holds a very special place in my heart,” Storozhuk told LEGO.

The set features five mini-figures, including Kevin and his mom, Kate. With so many pieces, Storozhuk and LEGO stuffed in seemingly every Home Alone set piece, from the Wet Bandits’ getaway vehicle to Kevin’s zip-line into treehouse safety. Even the embattled Wet Bandits appear as the butt of playful pranks and scenes from Kevin’s successful defense against the bungling burglars. The set won LEGO Ideas’ quarterly fan vote, which led to its emergence as a for-sale model on Monday, Nov. 1. With so many parts and elaborate detail, the LEGO Ideas Home Alone promises to be a worthy winter, indoor project to undertake. 

LEGO and its fans are known for producing ultra-accurate iconic scene recreations. LEGO Ideas even has a webpage dedicated to sharing cool creations with prized contests and a place to showcase proposals for new LEGO sets. Voters have already brought numerous films to blocked life. Two different Batmobiles, a very limited-edition Frozen castle, and the Trolls World all received the LEGO treatment. The McCallister’s house, though, might take the cake — and Kevin’s head-sized sundae.

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Just as in the Home Alone movie, Kevin can sled down the stairs, smack Marv’s face with an iron, break shelves to release Buzz’s tarantula, and swing paint cans from balconies. The interior is accessed by splitting open the model in the middle like a dollhouse, revealing the home’s interior. Opening the roof upward shows off a full attic play space. Each floor is modular and removable to allow easier access to different rooms inside the McCallister’s house. There are even a few never-before-seen bricks, such as a new pet flap for the back door. 

To keep with the Halloween holiday, LEGO and Storozhuk recreated the scary, open-jawed basement with a glowing light-up brick and a gear-powered train set and turntable that animates Kevin’s silhouetted ghost people, making it look like there’s a Christmas party from outside the supposed-to-be-vacated home.

As the festive season draws near, the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set is also designed for the ultimate indoor holiday at home interactive experience. Order up a Nero’s Pizza and kick back and watch Angels With Filthy Souls.

You can purchase Kevin McCallister’s Home Alone house from LEGO’s website for $250, starting on November 1.

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