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Best Lego Deals: Best-Selling Lego Sets From $16 Today

Lego sets aren’t just for kids, as they can also capture the imagination and unleash the creativity of adults by depicting scenes from their favorites movies and shows, recreating famous landmarks, and reconstructing machines and vehicles with moving parts, among other things. This is why Lego deals are always popular among retailers, as the market is much larger than what most people would think, with the best Lego for adults and the best Lego car sets often getting sold out almost as soon as their prices are slashed.

Toyota GR Supra Lego Set– $16, was $20

The Lego Toyota GR Supra on a table with a Lego figure.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Authentic replica of Toyota GR Supra
  • Comes with Toyota driver minifigure
  • 299 pieces to assemble
  • Easy to find a spot to display it

If you’re still saving up to buy a high-performance sports car in real life, you might want to start with the Lego Toyota GR Supra, which is an authentic replica that comes with realistic details such as a two-seat cockpit and a Toyota driver minifigure. After putting together its 299 pieces, the Lego Toyota GR Supra measures about 1.5 inches high, 6 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide, so you’ll surely be able to find a spot where you can display this bright yellow sports car replica. It’s part of the Lego Speed Champions collection, which you can buy more of if you want to expand your display with more high-quality models.

Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Lego Set — $24, was $30

The LEGO 501st Legion Clone Troopers set depicting a scene from Star Wars.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • For fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Stage scenes with an AT-RT Walker and BARC Speeder
  • Comes with 501st Clone Troopers and Battle Droids
  • The 7-inch-tall AT-RT Walker is perfect for playing and display

For fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is in The Manual’s list of the best Disney+ series, you can relive the action from the show with the Lego 501st Legion Clone Troopers set. It includes an AT-RT Walker, a BARC Speeder, three 501st Clone Troopers, a 501st Jet Trooper with jetpack, two Battle Droids, and weapons. The AT-RT Walker, which stands 7 inches high, features posable legs and a stud shooter, while the BARC Speeder comes with two stud shooters of its own. The set has a total of 285 pieces that you can easily assemble with the included instruction manual.

McLaren Senna GTR Lego Set — $40, was $50

The assembled Lego McLaren Senna GTR on top of a book.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Preserves features of the real-world McLaren Senna GTR
  • Working steering wheel
  • V8 engine with moving pistons
  • Big enough to catch attention when on display

The McLaren Senna GTR is a beast of a machine in the real world, but you can get a piece of it inside your home with the Lego McLaren Senna GTR. The model preserves certain features of the iconic supercar, including a steering wheel that can actually change the position of the car’s tires. The Lego McLaren Senna GTR also comes with a V8 engine with moving pistons, dihedral doors that you can open, and the same graphics and colors that you can find on the real vehicle. The assembled car, which requires 830 pieces, is 12 inches long, so it can turn heads when you put it up for display anywhere in the house.

Batman Cowl Lego Set — $48, was $60

The assembled Lego Batman Cowl on top of some books.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Another Batman collectible for fans
  • Sturdy base with plaque
  • 8.5 inches high when assembled
  • Conversation starter in both the home and the workplace

With the expanded universe of Matt Reeves’ The Batman to land soon on HBO Max, more people are shopping for collectibles featuring the Dark Knight. One of the Lego sets that you can buy is the Lego Batman Cowl, a 410-piece set that recreates Batman’s iconic cowl with transparent bricks to represent his face, a sturdy base, and a plaque attached to it. The Lego Batman Cowl stands at 8.5 inches high once assembled, so it will surely catch attention whether you display it at home or at your workplace. If you’re a Batman fan, this Lego set should be on your wish list, in addition to all the other products that feature the Caped Crusader, including the Batcave and Batmobile.

Friends Central Perk Lego Set — $60, was $128

Person assembling a LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk Building kit.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Iconic location in Friends
  • Relive the memories from the hit TV show
  • Features authentic details
  • Includes seven minifigures

Friends, the massively popular TV show that ran for 10 seasons starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, created a lot of unforgettable moments for its fans. One of the most iconic locations in the series is Central Perk, a coffee house where the group regularly met. The Lego Central Perk set will let you remember all the laughs and tears, as it features authentic details like the seating area, coffee machine, service counter, and stage. The set also comes with minifigures for the six main characters, plus Central perk’s manager Gunther.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego Set — $159, was $170

Two kids playing with the Lego Millennium Falcon.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Get the Millennium Falcon in your home
  • Authentic details, including gun turrets and shooters
  • Interior includes cargo area and hyperdrive
  • Assembling 1,353 pieces is a fulfilling experience

The Star Wars franchise brought to life various spacecraft, but perhaps none as popular as the Millennium Falcon. You can have your own version of the Corellian freighter on display in your living room, with authentic details that include the rotating top and bottom gun turrets, a pair of spring-loaded shooters, a lowering ramp, and an opening cockpit with enough space for two minifigures. You can also open the spacecraft’s top panels to reveal the Millennium Falcon’s interior, which includes a cargo area, a navigation computer, a Dejarik hologame table, a hidden smuggling compartment, and the hyperdrive with repair tools. Assembling this 1,353-piece set will be worth the time and effort, as the Millennium Falcon is one of the most recognizable spaceships of all time.

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