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Best Lego deals: Star Wars, Marvel, Technics and more starting at $8

When it comes to franchise merchandise, Lego sets are probably the most fun because you get to assemble them yourself. There are a lot of options out there, from the best Lego sets for adults to the best Lego car sets; you can probably find something out there that really speaks to you. That said, Lego sets can be quite expensive, which is why we’ve done a bit of bargain hunting for you and discovered some of the best deals out there. That way, you can focus on buying the sets you find coolest rather than struggling to find something that fits in your budget.

Star Wars Boba Fett’s Starship Microfighter — $8, was $10

Star Wars Boba Fett's Starship Microfighter
Star Wars/Lego

If you do want to introduce your kids, nieces, or nephews to Lego, then going with one of these easier mini kits is a good idea, and if they’re big fans of Star Wars, then you can’t go wrong with the Boba Fett Microfighter.  It comes in 85 pieces, which should be easy for most kids over the age of six, so it can reach a wide audience. Even better, it has two flick shooters, which is always a massive hit with kids who love a bit of (harmless) destruction, so they’ll enjoy playing with it as much as building it. Also worth mentioning is that you could always combine it with a bunch of other kits if you want, so you can always build a fun collection over time.

Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra — $20, was $23

Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra

Another thing that kids absolutely love is cars, so if you want to introduce them to Lego with something a little bit more complex, this Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra set is a huge amount of fun. It’s a lot more pieces at 299, so it will take longer to build and offer a bit more enjoyment for those who prefer the building portion. Even so, it is a cool car, so even once its built we’re sure that any kid is going to have a lot of ‘vroom, vroom’ fun with these all over the place. It’s also worth noting that the minifig is pretty versatile since it comes with both a racing outfit and a wrench, so it could be as much a mechanic as a race car driver, giving you a lot of leeway in how you want to present it.

City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge — $45, was $60

City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge

If you want something that is a bit better in the action department than the pure building aspect, then this City Stunt Truck is ticks all the boxes given how faboulus it looks, at least to a young kids mind. The set consists of a flatbed truck with three “rings of fire” that are adjustable back and forth, which are jumped through by the special flywheel minifig. That essentially means you can increase or decrease the challenge based on age and progress, so it adds a nice variability, and the two extra minifigs for fire safety and the medal add to that too. As for the set itself, it’s 479 pieces, so it will take a bit to build, but it’s worth the fun that’s going to be had afterwards.

Icons Wildflower Bouquet Set — $48, was $60

Icons Wildflower Bouquet Set

While most of the toys so far have been targeted at kids, there are a lot of Lego sets that are budget-friendly and great for adults to play with. For example, this Wildflower Bouquet set is absolutely gorgeous, and it even has adjustable stems so you can arrange them and put them in a vase, which is an excellent addition. There are eight species of wildflowers for you to pick from, which is great, and the 939 pieces should provide more than enough fun for an evening, especially if you’re doing it with a friend or partner.

Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone — $60, was $80

Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone

While this set might ostensibly be targeted to kids, the reality is that this is more likely made for those millennials who grew up in the 90s with Sonic the Hedgehog and absolutely loved it. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is one of the starter maps in the original game, called Green Hill Zone, and it was probably the introduction to next-gen gaming for a lot of folks. This 1,125-piece set comes with all the standard fare that you’d expect on the level, from the iconic rings to the CRT screens you’d stomp on to get power-ups. You even get minifigs of Sonic and Dr. Eggman with his Eggmobile, so it’s a fully-fleshed-out set that is perfect both for display and play.

Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls — $113, was $150

Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls
Lego/20th Century Fox

If you’re a fan of the Avatar series, then you’ll probably love this diverse set of things from the movie. It has a solid 1,212 pieces that encompass everything from the tree of life and the Toruk Makto. That means you can have a lot of fun playing around with various aspects of the world, and if you have other Avatar sets, it’s worth combining them together for something really great. It’s also made for kids ages 12 and up, so if you want to introduce them to the world of Avatar in a fun way, this is certainly it, especially with that Toruk Makto, which most kids will love.

Marvel Captain America’s Shield — $168, was $200

Marvel Captain America’s Shield

While Marvel stuff is a big hit with kids as much as it is with adults, this set might be a bit more complicated to make, especially since there are so many pieces that look similar, making this more of a Lego puzzle. Even so, for those who absolutely love putting together, this whopping 3,128-piece set will certainly take a long while to build, and you’ll likely love every second of it. While it sadly doesn’t have a lot of value in terms of actually playing with it, it is a cool display pieces, especially given it’s larger dimensions. It’s also perfect to display with other Marvel stuff, so if you’re a fan of that franchise, you’re in luck.

Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle — $331, was $350

Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle

Spider-Man has had a bit of a resurgence recently due to some really excellent films, so it’s not surprise that there’s been an uptick in great Spider-Man related things. If you’re a fan, then you’re very familiar with the Daily Bugle, which has become its own iconic setting. As such, it probably make sense that you’re seeing this great big Lego set with 3,772 pieces to work with meaning it will not only take you a while to put together, it will be a lot of fun. You also get a ton of minifigs and other stuff with it, so you can really customize it the way you want, making this another great display piece if you have a shelf or windowsill.

Technic Lamborghini — $378, was $450

Technic Lamborghini

This set is probably the only one here that is probably completely best left to adults, since it has a lot of small intricate parts, plus it’s quite pricey, so you don’t want to damage any of that. While this Lego Lamborghini doesn’t have many pieces, only 3,696, it is a rather complex build because it requires dealing with a lot of smaller parts that could be a bit finicky to build and follow instructions on. Even so, it’s a lot of fun for adults and a great gift for yourself or a friend who is really into cars.

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