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Quarantining Would Feel a Lot Easier with Hi-Bed

It is day 3,586 of the COVID-19 outbreak and staying home is getting to be a bit tedious. Most days are spent going from bed to desk to sofa and back to bed again, only broken by changing your sweatpants and brief trips to the backyard. But what if there was one single piece of furniture so amazing, you actually wanted to stay inside and never leave the house? Hi-Bed is the luxurious all-in-one bed/sofa/desk/movie theater that has us hoping the lockdown lasts just a bit longer.

Developed by Italian product design firm Hi-Interiors, the Hi-Bed is version 2.0 of the brand’s flagship HiCan. Launched in 2008, the HiCan was truly innovative — a blend of sleek modern furniture design combined with the latest technology. It was a bed and movie theater in one, complete with privacy curtain, built-in lights, and sound system all controlled by an app on your phone. The bed was fully adjustable and could remember your favorite positions, allowing it to go from sleep to the perfect movie-watching recline with the touch of a button. 

More than ten years on, the frame of HiCan, while sleek and futuristic for 2008, began to feel bulky and heavy. Rather than acting as a piece of furniture inside of a room, HiCan was an entire room unto itself. So the team at Hi-Interiors went back to the drawing board. Keeping all of the features that made the original stand out, the new model showcases an ultra thin, minimalist frame. Hi-Bed is a piece of furniture that becomes part of the room rather than being the room. 

The newly developed frame of Hi-Bed can come in a variety of color combinations, allowing you to match it to your decor. Whether you like the monochromatic look of a silver frame with charcoal gray wood accents, or a pop of color with the bright blue frame accented by light wood, the Hi-Bed is fully customizable to suit your style.

Impressively, the new, thinner frame is still able to hold all of the innovative technology of its bulkier HiCan predecessor. The bed is still adjustable and tracks your sleep patterns. There is still a built-in audio system and alarm that can be preprogrammed to gently wake you in the morning with soothing tunes. And there is still a projection system for displaying movies or Netflix on the slide-out viewing screen. But now all of those systems are hidden by the mattress and in the frame rather than being stored in the footboard of the bed.

All of these upgrades make Hi-Bed feel like it is light-years ahead of its sister bed, offering a sleek and stylish place to wait out the pandemic. Whether you’re spending your days working, napping, or watching Tiger King for the 20th time, Hi-Bed makes self-isolating a breeze.

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