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This tiny home, located in a luxury tiny home community, is $44,000 off

The patio view of the Escape N1 on Lot 26.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’ve been wondering about where to buy a tiny house, have you considered buying one that’s already set up in a tiny home community? That’s what you can do now — with an incredible savings of $44,000 — if you buy this ESCAPE Tampa Bay home, the Escape N1 on Lot 26 of The Oaks tiny home community. The home, with an included $4,800+ of furnishings and other amenities, plus the lot, usually costs $249,550. But now, through April 9th, you can get the home for an impressive $205,550. Again, that’s $44,000 off. This is in line with the cost of a tiny home in a much less luxurious community, and not near the retirement zone of Florida’s Gulf Coast. So, if you’re interested, go ahead and take a look yourself via the button below. We’ll also be taking a closer look at what the home has to offer, further below.

Why you should buy the Escape N1 on Lot 26

The interior of the Escape N1 on Lot 26.

Inspired by modernist architect Richard Neutra, the N1 is ESCAPE Homes first and only mid-century modern home in the company’s 20 plus years of designing tiny homes. It features bright colors and natural mable cabinetry, for a clean, open look. Despite this of-the-forest look, the home is quite smart, with voice-activated lights and a smart temperature control via Google NEST. You’ll even find USB outlets throughout your new home, should you decided to live here. The main areas of the home are a kitchen and dining space, a living area, a bedroom, covered porch, and open deck. In total, you’ll have just under 500 square feet of living space to roam about.

Of course this tiny home purchase is about more than just the home. Like all home purchases, you’re also buying into a community. If you’re like a lot of people in the tiny home universe, you probably value the outdoors. Here, you’ll be a part of a safe gated community with a large central park and a heated pool. Everyone even gets access to free Wi-Fi, so there is only a very small ecological and economical footprint that you’ll be leaving behind as you live your life in the home on Lot 26 in The Oaks. It should be noted that all other homes are occupied, meaning this is the final one. So, go check it out now (via the button below) while it is $44,000 off, a drop from $249,550 to $205,550.

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