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Costco membership deals: Offers for new and existing members

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As most know, a Costco membership can be extremely valuable for many reasons, not the least of which is access to members-only and exclusive deals. People also love to visit their local Costco and imbibe with delicious food while they shop — who wouldn’t? You’ll need a membership and a membership card to get through the doors, however. Since Costco’s basic membership, Gold Star, costs $60 per year, and it’s another $60 for Costco Executive — $120 total — it’s no surprise that cost can be outside the budget for some folks. Even with all of the perks you get, that’s a decent chunk of money to spend each year, especially if you’re going to be visiting Costco on the regular and shopping both in-store and online — all that spending will add up. Costco members have lost benefits before, too. So, it makes a lot of sense to look for some great Costco membership deals to help sweeten the offer. Don’t worry, that’s where we have you covered.

Todays Best Costco Membership Deals

$30 Costco shop card for new members

Right now, for Summer, Costco is hosting a promotion where you can receive a free $30 shop card, which is a digital gift card, if you sign up for a new membership and set up auto-renewal on a Visa credit card. The deal is valid for new members only, or those who have had an expired membership for at least 18 months.

To get the deal, you must sign up for that new membership, activate the auto-renewal, use a Visa credit card and also provide  a valid email address. The email address is important because it’s how Costco will send you the digital gift card. Since the cost of a Gold Star membership is $60, you’re basically getting it for half off or $30 with this promotion.

Earn up to $1,000 on eligible Costco and Costco travel purchases

Costco’s higher tier membership, Costco Executive, brings a few extra perks, including an annual 2% reward up to $1,000 on qualified store and travel purchases. If you’re planning to travel anyway, you can get some great deals and discounts purchasing everything through Costco Travel, not to mention those rewards back.

A Costco Executive membership is $120 per year, and comes with access to Costco Gasoline — gas stations — Costco Travel, exclusive deals and offers, a grocery delivery service, and much more.

Naturally, you’ll have some more questions about a Costco membership. It’s always a good idea to reference the for exact details, but we’ve broken down some of the more common questions below.

What is Costco Travel?

Costco Travel is an adventure and vacation-focused arm of the popular retailer. You can plan trips to some of the world’s top destinations, including cruises, with exclusive offers to go along with your active membership. They purport to negotiate the best value when working with partners, which is passed on to you through great savings and your 2% rewards.

What are Costco Services?

Through partnerships with a variety of third-party providers, Costco is able to provide even more value to members through exclusive service offers. For example, auto and home insurance deals, pet insurance, photo printing, bottled water delivery, payment processing for businesses, and much more.

What Else Does a Costco Membership Offer?

In addition to excellent in-store items across a variety of categories, from appliances to electronics, Costco offers a host of additional services to members. There’s a pharmacy, in-store restaurant and eatery, a tire center, and even local gas stations where you can find discounted fuel rates. Over time, the membership pays for itself really.

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