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Auto-Inspired Home Accessories for the Gearhead in All of Us

You love cars. You also love showing off your personal style in your home. The problem is, most car-themed home decor is downright tacky. It can feel impossible to find auto items that are actually cool. Well, worry no more! We’ve gathered our top twelve products for the home that show off your gearhead side while adding serious style to your space.

For Your Walls

Model T Engine & Radiator Patent Print

Let’s kick things off with the car that started it all: the Model T. This patent print of the Model T’s engine and radiator is the perfect piece to add to your gallery wall. The best part is that it can come printed on a variety of background styles, from blueprint to vintage parchment, allowing you to customize it to fit your space.

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Auto Timing Chain & Gears Wall Clock

The brainchild of California artist Steven Shaver, this gritty, industrial wall clock is made from repurposed engine parts. Each clock is handmade from recycled parts giving them their own unique touch.

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For Your Kitchen

Porsche Engine Espresso Machine

Get fueled up for the day with this insanely awesome Porsche engine inspired espresso machine. The Flat Six Espresso Machine from Super Veloce was based on the 993 GT2 Cup engine. Only 933 will be available and when you place your order for the coolest espresso machine on the planet, you will be able to customize the colors to coordinate with your kitchen.

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Volkswagen Van Refrigerator

There are few better road trip vehicles than the classic VW van of the 1960s. Now you can relive the nostalgia every day with Gorenje’s Retro Special Edition Refrigerator. Available in Burgundy or Baby Blue, the retro style on the outside hides a modern, energy efficient fridge inside.

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For Your Office

Velocita Ferrari Rim Desk

A car-shaped desk may sound cheesy, but the Velocita Ferrari Rim Desk is so sleek and stylish, you’ll eagerly burn down your current desk to make room for this one. Designed by Alan Liu of Mobellio, the Velocita has wooden supports that represent the smooth lines and speed of Ferrari supercars. Accented with a 20-inch rim and a brake disc, the glass-topped desk is a piece of car art that is almost too pretty to touch. Just like an actual Ferrari.

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Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamp

Your car-themed office requires a car-inspired desk lamp. The Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamp is handmade in Oklahoma from old car parts. A valve cover is used as the lampshade while the base is a repurposed Chevrolet harmonic balancer. Available in aluminum with optional brass finish, the lamp will add a classic touch to your car decor.

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Brake Disc Bookends

Organize your office and show off your love of cars with some brake disc bookends. These bad boys are made from original Porsche 911 Carrera brake discs. The brake discs come mounted on a steel L-shaped frame that is coated in glossy black paint. It’s an unexpected piece that isn’t just useful, it’s a mini work of car art.

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Buck Race Car

Everyone should accent their desk with a cool desktop toy. Break up the monotony of the day with the Buck Toy Race Car. This little racer is equal parts fun, whimsical, and artistic and will look right at home sitting atop your new Velocita desk.

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For Your Man Cave

1959 Corvette Pool Table

Your man cave or den is where you can cut loose and be bold. And there’s nothing bolder than a car-shaped pool table. Inspired by the classically cool 1959 Corvette, this made-in-the-USA tournament-size pool table features working lights, chrome bumpers, and the pièce de résistance – real whitewall rims and tires.

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Auto Parts Chess Set

What man cave would be complete without a stylish chess set. It shows guests you’re a true gentleman with sophisticated hobbies. But you’re also a dude who loves cars. Luckily, Mexican artist Armando Ramirez has created Recycling Challenge – a chess set made from recycled auto parts. With spark plug bishops and cogwheel rooks, this black and silver set speaks to your dynamic personality as a gentlemanly gearhead.

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For Your Bedroom

Avantgarde Bed

You already dream about cars all night, why not sleep in a sleek, vintage sports car inspired bed? The Avantgarde Bed, from Italian design studio Think Future Design, has an ultra contemporary look. The headboard swoops up from the frame and it comes in an extra glossy finish reminiscent of classic racing cars.

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Classified Moto Floor Lamp

Classified Moto’s Floor Lamp is created from reclaimed parts of Japanese motorcycles from the 70’s and 80’s. The base is a brake rotor and transmission gear while the neck is a spring and shock. The industrial look of the lamp is enhanced by the dents and dings in the motorcycle parts that can only come from years of cruising the open road

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