Under Armour’s New Mountain Running Series is the Trail Event We’ve Been Dying For

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Under Armour goes from team sports to running a vertical K in the mountains.

It’s safe to say by now that Under Armour has become an unstoppable force. The Baltimore brand once known only for its association with the baselayer and then as a strictly indoor fitness and team sports brand, is steadily becoming our go-to mountain running label.

The push is facilitated by an all-new trail running footwear line dubbed The Horizon ($129.99). This shoe is the mac-daddy of technical trail running, featuring ESS rock plates, monocoque construction, durable welded overlays, internal fit systems, toe protection, and industry-leading Michelin outsole compounds and lug design. (That’s right, the company inked a deal with tire company Michelin for their gnarly outsoles.)
Under Armour Horizon

But the Horizon footwear is the cherry on top of an even bigger push into trail running by Kevin Plank’s brand. Under Armour announced the dates last week for its first ever Mountain Running Series, created in partnership with POWDR Adventure Lifestyle CO (the owner and operator of a wicked collection of ski mountains around the country— and soon the world).

The event was announced as a “challenge” that was “built to push athletes to find the edges of their potential.”

Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. This North American trail running series promises to have everything your local 5K is lacking (or too scared to try). Plus, there’s no place to sweat and suffer than the beautiful mountains.

Under Armour mountain series

Right now the series plans to kick off in July at Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor, the largest ski area in the Cascade Mountains, with a peak elevation of 9,065 ft. The next stop takes place in August at Killington, Vermont, touting a peak elevation of 4,241 ft, then Copper Mountain, situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with a peak elevation of 12,313 ft. Registration is open now.Under Armour Trail running

Each course will offer varying distances, elevation, and terrain. Soo…we’ll just have to try all of them. Plus, Under Armour is making each event a festival unto itself, boasting seven different race categories (From 5K, 10K to 50k, and Vertical K), a straight cash purse of $5,000, and weekend-long activities at the mountain resorts. Oh, and parties.

The three course locations offer diverse climates, different distances and varying elevations, and terrain built to push athletes to find the edges of their potential.

Under Armour mountain

“Trail running is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world today. We are energized to provide this community with a unique series of trail races,” said Topher Gaylord, General Manager of Under Armour’s Outdoor division.

Well, Topher, we’re energized to race it.

Photos courtesy Under Armour