Portion Control: The 5 Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market


Yo bro, do you even lift?

Chances are yes, you do. And if you’re the type of guy to lift, you’re probably the type of guy who is also concerned with food intake and meal preparation. Whether you do a meal prep Sunday, laying out every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are controlling for portion size, or are just looking for a better container to take your lunch to work in, let The Manual guide you through five of the best meal prep containers on the market with a few fun accessories thrown in for good measure.

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In making our selection, we focused on BPA-free plastic containers for their lightweight and low cost. Featuring temperature resistance, easy clean-up, and impressive durability, plastic containers came out on top as the preferred container in the meal prep planning world.

Glass containers, with their resistance to stain and smells, are also another good option. However, while glass containers on the whole are healthier than plastic, their poor portability and inherent break-ability outweigh their attributes, making them a second-choice for the hardcore meal prepper. The casual lunch-bringer may be more kind.

Either way, your choice of meal prep container should be dictated by your lifestyle.  Find the right one that fits your fitness regimen and feel confident in your caloric-intake.


Reditainer 2 Compartment Container, 20 pack, $19.95


ChefLand 3-Compartment Container, 10 Pack, $14.69


The Meal Lab Leak-Proof 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Box, 10 Pack, $24.95



Glasslock 18-Piece Oven Safe Assortment Set, Blue, $33.99


Ikea Förtrolig Clear Glass Container, $4.99 each


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HeyDo Water Intake Tracking Cup by iLoof International, $89


6 Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack Meal Management System, $179.99


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