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Tyler Zielinski

Tyler Zielinski

Tyler is a New York-based freelance cocktail and spirits journalist, competitive bartender, and bar consultant. He is an advocate for sustainability behind the bar and he enjoys all the nerdiest cocktail-related topics. In addition to his work for The Manual, his writings have been featured in outlets such as Maxim, Imbibe Mag,, Whisky Advocate, Bourbon Review, and more. Some say his blood is mostly Fernet Branca, but that myth has yet to be debunked.

Jungle Bird cocktail

Why the Jungle Bird deserves to be a cocktail you mix up this summer

The Jungle Bird is a sophisticated, boozy drink that deserves to be on your list of summer cocktails. Let's find out why.
Singapore Sling

How to make the controversial Singapore Sling cocktail

The history of the Singapre Sling cocktail has been muddled over time. But no matter its origins, there is no arguing that this cocktail is a classic.
Pisco sour

What is pisco? Exploring South America’s grape brandy

While pisco is one category of brandy, there are significant differences between the ones that are produced in Chile as opposed to Peru.

The 7 Best Rums to Enjoy Neat

All rums can be sipped, but that doesn't mean all of them are worth tasting. These 7 sipping rums are worth your time in 2021.

The 4 Best Vodkas to Use When Crafting a First-Class Vodka Martini

Martinis deserve vodkas that taste better than poorly distilled ethanol. These best vodkas will surely elevate your martini, and make you feel like Bond.

How to Make the Best Hurricane Cocktail this Summer

Famously from New Orleans, the Hurricane is often made completely wrong.
cocktail games home bar

The Most Essential Liqueurs for Your Home Bar

What is necessary to have for your own home bar? What will collect dust versus what will be your go-to modifier for entertaining cocktails at home?
A Michelada cocktail.

Why the Michelada Should Be Your New Favorite Brunch Drink

the Michelada is the savory beer cocktail that will undoubtedly get rid of your hangover without feeling like you're really having the hair of the dog.
Andaz Tokyo

What Does a Low-Waste Cocktail Really Look Like?

Drinkers and non-drinkers alike are becoming more educated about their decision-making as it relates to the impact their decisions have on the environment.
kate perry rum queen interview 2

Exploring the World of Rum With La Maison and Velier’s Rum Queen Kate Perry

From bartender to U.S market manager for one of the spirit industry's most noteworthy global distributors, and independent bottlers, La Maison & Velier, Kate Perry eats, sleeps, and breathes rum.
how to make raw fermented hot sauce at home pdpc peppersred

How to Make Raw Fermented Hot Sauce at Home

While the standard vinegar-based hot sauce favored by foodies brings the sting, tears, and more, lacto-fermented hot sauce brings a new palette of flavors
what is armagnac 2

What is Armagnac? Exploring Cognac’s Older Cousin

Armagnac's rich, it's bold, it's unadulterated, and it's begging to be loved like it's cousin, Cognac, has been.
A red wine glass and wine.

The Guzzable Wines You Need to Quench Your Thirst this Spring

If there is one thing a wine must do during the warmer days of the year, it is quench our thirst. Enthusiasts refer to these wines as vins de soif.
3 easy liquor infusions jia shum fn8f byxvqs unsplash

3 Infusions Worth Trying to Upgrade Your Spirits at Home

They are fairly simple to make, and you can use any spirit as the base. When it comes to choosing a base spirit for the infusion, make sure it is something that you enjoy on its own.
Pinot Noir and Pasta Pairings

5 Perfect American Pinot Noir and Pasta Pairings

Pinot noir pairs well with a wide range of food and flavors, which is why pasta is a no-brainer.
Bertoux Brandy

5 Bartender-Influenced Spirits Worth Trying

Many spirit brands have started consulting with these talented drink-slingers on their projects to ensure their product resonates with the trade who will be selling it — and some bartenders have even taken to starting their own brands to fill the gaps in the industry.
Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park Transforms Michelin-Starred Kitchen to Feed New Yorkers in Need During COVID-19

A restaurant that was once serving 100 refined meals a night, has now scaled up its operations to make approximately 2,000 meals a day for New Yorkers in need.
Hand Sanitizer Bacardi

Distilleries Are Producing Hand Sanitizer to Combat Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, distilleries have stepped are dedicating production capacity to make hand sanitizers and cleansers for their communities.
Prospect Bar

The Boutique Hotels Worth Drinking At in the Hudson Valley This Ski Season

The Hudson Valley, which is also rich in U.S history and beautiful architecture from all eras, boasts some of the chicest boutique hotels around — and a handful of them are not only cozy and romantic, but also have great beverage programs.