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Jennifer Asencio

Jennifer Asencio


Jennifer Asencio writes about everything but loves hiking, entertainment, and spirituality. When not studying at Harvard or spending time with her four cats, she can be found trekking around the swamp or the woods, then writing about her adventures.

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Jenny in Utah in Outdoor Vitals hiking gear

We tested all of Outdoor Vitals’ lightweight hiking clothes: Here’s our verdict

We tested lightweight hiking gear from the Utah brand Outdoor Vitals. Here's what we thought of it.
A view of the swamp

Why you should visit the Everglades (and our top tips for a memorable adventure)

Get a taste of Everglades National Park from Loop Road, a scenic drive that you can travel on foot, by bicycle, or from a motor vehicle.
A backpacker at high altitude

Altitude sickness: What you need to know about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention

High elevation might make you sick. Find out how you know and what to do if you get it.
Closed nature trail a Florida park

Climate change is real: Know about hiking trail closures and conditions before you set out

Is your trail closed? If you are planning on hiking or backpacking, find out what conditions your trail is in and if it is open this season.
Eagle Crag in Greater Zion

Zion National Park: Our guide to exploring Utah’s incredible outdoors

Utah is a wonderland of gorgeous vistas, remote wilderness, and abundant outdoor sports. See what the Greater Zion region of this beautiful state has to offer.
Weather with sun and clouds

Packing for the weather: The hiking gear you need for different climates

Packing for your hike means being aware of the climate and how it will affect you. These are the extras you might need in different conditions.
A Haunted, scary trail

The 5 best scary movies about hiking (and the lessons you can learn from them)

These scary movies about hikers are a lot of fun for horror fans but can also teach us valuable lessons about staying safe on the trail.