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Tekto’s A2 Badger is a tanto-style stainless automatic knife for the outdoors

Tekto Knives A2 Badger Series knife on wood
Tekto Knives

Crocodile Dundee fans may recognize this one: That’s not a knife. This is a knife. Tekto Knives A2 Badger OTF is a compact, automatic knife that is indispensable for many occasions. Its fast-firing blade packs a punch, too. The contoured button design ensures maximum performance in any scenario. You also get smooth, reliable deployment and incredible control, whether you’re deploying the blade or retracting it. Most importantly, the glare-free Titanium-Coated D2 steel blade and handle are durable, can take a beating, and still function even in high-pressure situations. The A2 Badger OTF Mini is California-legal, so it’s legal to buy and carry and meets the state’s regulations. If you want one, you can use code MAN15 to get 15% off — valid for the next 48 hours only.

Why you should buy the Tekto A2 Badger Series

Tekto // A2 Badger Walkthrough

This multi-purpose knife and tool from Tekto is equipped with a bevy of extra features besides the automatic and durable blade. For example, the oversized lanyard hole allows you to attach a wide range of components, including large cords and paracords. The added size of the lanyard hole makes it easier to manage in low-light conditions or while wearing gloves when your fingers and hands are somewhat constricted. It’s also equipped with a glass breaker and has an ambidextrous pocket clip, allowing you to match it with your dominant hand.

But the real star of the show is the Titanium-Coated D2 steel blade, in a fine-edge tanto-style, with its automatic deployment and retraction mechanism. The contoured button makes it easy to control the blade, while the well-designed grip gives you the stability you need during handling. It’s compact and lightweight, perfect as an outdoor tool or for regular carry. There’s also a built-in safety mechanism to ensure the blade won’t open without your express control, eliminating worries about it being accidentally triggered in your pocket or bag.

Speaking of carrying the knife, it’s legal in California. In most places, it’s legal to carry pocket knives, including multi-tools, Swiss Army knives, utility knives, and most knives with blades smaller than 2 inches. Of course, there are still some places where it’s illegal to carry them, so you’ll want to reference the laws in your particular region or state to make sure. However, the A2 Badger OTF Mini is legal in California, allowing you to confidently carry it in that state and states with comparable laws.

For the next 48 hours (starting May 6), you’ll get 15% off when you use code MAN15 at checkout. That’s a great deal, but if you’re interested, you’ll want to act fast. It will be over before you know it.

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