The Herrera Bladeless Drone Drops the Blades for a Safer and Quieter Design

Winner of a 2016 Red Dot Design Concept award, the Herrera Bladeless Drone from Mexico’s Edgar Herrera eliminates the two biggest issues posed by traditional drones: exposed blades and loud noise.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…just another drone.

From sporting events, to music festivals, and even pure everyday life around town, flying drones have become a ubiquitous spectacle in our lives.

Bladeless Drone
Designer Edgar Herrera/Yanko Designs

Despite any fears that may arise from this issue — such as getting in the way of animals or transportation in the air, or possibly the people on the ground below — many photographers, videographers, and hobbyists have begun to use drones to capture footage from angles unfamiliar and appealing to the human eye.

Fear no more, however, as Mexico-based designer Edgar Herrera has introduced a new and improved drone design: the Herrera Bladeless Drone.

The new design has fixed the two biggest nuisances that come along with drone flying: spinning blades and blaring cacophony. This is the ultimate improvement for those looking to embark on their new drone journey in the wild, without disturbing animals or other people in the surrounding area.

By use of air ducts and vents, the Herrera bladeless drone achieves airtime without exposed blades, significantly decreasing the danger posed by your average drone while also decreasing the amount of noise produced when in use. However, this drone is currently in its conceptual stage — meaning it cannot be purchased at this point in time, nor have any production dates been shared.

Herrera’s inspiration derives from the idea “disruption is an opportunity.” The Herrera bladeless drone capitalizes on the disruptive design of traditional drones, so don’t be surprised if we see this hit the market once it’s complete–and let’s hope it’s less costly than a Dyson fan (which is, to be honest, what this drone most closely resembles).

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