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These are our favorite snowboarding goggles for 2024

Our four favorite snowboarding goggles - for any budget

snowboarder wearing goggles in powder
Bradley Dunn via Unsplash

When ripping down snow-covered hills, you have to see what’s in front of you. And not just outlines and colors — you need contrast and details. Besides that, it’s fun to wear gear that expresses your style, for a look that’s uniquely you. Goggles let you do both.

If you’re in the market for new snowboarding goggles, we’ve hand-selected our favorites for winter 2024. Offering a mix of high-tech function and futuristic styling, each set enhances your day on the mountain. Here are the details.

Snowboarder in powder wearing goggles
Hamish Duncan via Unsplash

Why goggles are an integral part of your kit

Snowboarding is reminiscent of being a racecar driver. Like a racetrack, the mountain unfolds in front of you, and for optimal performance, you need to see every roll, imperfection, and obstacle. That way, you can react quicker, jump higher, and turn harder, extracting maximum fun from the snow. For that to happen, you need a pair of modern goggles

Thankfully, today’s snowboard goggles are amazing pieces of tech. With tuned tints and tailor-made fits, the latest designs provide clarity and comfort like never before. And with chiseled frames and vivid colors, they look as good as they function. 

Snowboarder powder turns with goggles
Joshua Reddekopp via Unsplash

Our favorite snowboarding goggles for winter 2024

Almost any pair of goggles will get the job done. But if you want a pair that makes snowboarding better — helping you perceive the terrain and look cool, look no further. 

Oakley Flight Deck goggles

Oakley Flight Deck

With sci-fi styling and Prizm lens technology, Oakley Flight Deck goggles let you play action hero on the mountain. For the serious rider, that’s an appealing combo.

When designing the Flight Deck goggles, Oakley turned to fighter pilot helmets for inspiration. The goggle lens uses a spherical shape (curving in all directions) and an oversized shape for a wide-open field of view. Are you flying an F-15 or riding a snowboard? With a pair of Flight Decks, it could be either.

The Flight Deck also features Oakley’s groundbreaking Prizm lens technology. Prizm is like a highlighter for the snow, enhancing contrast and detail so you can confidently point it. You have to try it to believe it.

Lastly, the Flight Deck uses Ridgelock technology for quick lens changes and a firm seal against the elements. And since Oakley makes a range of lens tints, you can match the conditions, no matter the weather. 

Smith IO MAG Imprint 3D goggles
Smith Optics

Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D

If you want the best performance and aren’t concerned about price, these goggles are just the ticket. With a custom–made fit, interchangeable lenses, and ChromaPop technology, the Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggles provide tailored comfort and focused clarity.

Key to the Smith I/O 3D MAG is its personalized fit. First, you scan your face using Smith’s custom app. Then, the company uses its 3D Imprint technology to create a unique-to-you frame, including a face flange that perfectly matches your face’s contours. After 3D printing the edge, Smith hand-assembles the goggles in the USA and ships them to your door in 14 days. 

The goggles use a spherical Carbonic-x lens for an expansive view and impact protection. ChromaPop tech makes colors brighter and views clearer. The MAG system uses magnets for quick and easy lens changes. 

Smith Squad Imprint 3D goggles
Smith Optics

Smith Squad Imprint 3D

If you want a custom-made goggle frame but want to stick to a budget, look no further than the Smith Squad Imprint 3D. Offering Imprint 3D Technology at a reasonable price, these goggles give you next-level fit and let you save for the next epic trip. 

Smith’s Imprint 3D tech gives you a goggle that molds to your face for a tailor-made feel on the hill. When it’s cold, and the wind howls, that extra close fit seals better and feels softer.

A Carbonic-X cylindrical lens (curves from side to side) offers clarity and strength, while a Fog-X inner lens ensures a clear view. Lastly, ChromaPop technology makes every last detail stand out. 

Anon M5 Chet Malinow goggles
Anon Optics

Anon M5

The new Anon M5 goggles combine technical innovation and sleek looks for function and style across the mountain. Central to that is their “flat-toric lens shape” and a frame design that’s both classic and modern. 

Most goggles use one of three types of lenses: spherical, cylindrical, or toric. Spherical lenses curve in all directions, like the visor on an astronaut’s helmet. A cylindrical design curves from side to side, like the visor on a racecar driver’s helmet. Toric lenses use a spherical curve from side to side and a more gradual curve vertically, combining the prior two benefits. 

The Anon M5 takes that even further with its flat-toric lens. With a cylindrical shape side to side, it offers a low-profile fit and wide field of view. And its toric vertical profile mimics the human face for enhanced optical clarity. It’s a feature no other goggle has.

From there, Anon’s Magna-Tech technology uses magnets for pit-stop-like lens changes. As conditions change, remove the old lens and pop on the new one, and you’re good to go. And with Perceive lens technology, you’ll see as good as you look. 

We especially like the Chet Malinow edition M5, with its abstract artwork and Variable Blue lens (and spare Cloudy Pink lens). The art brings a creative feel, while the blue lens has a sophisticated hue. 

And when you buy a pair of M5s, it’s a package deal. You get not only the goggles but also two lenses (for bright or cloudy conditions) and an MFI facemask with a magnetic seal. You’re all set no matter the conditions. 

Snowboarder in deep powder
Johannes Waibel via Unsplash

Why a good pair of goggles matter

Whether it’s a bluebird powder day or an overcast snowstorm, goggles can make a big difference in your riding experience. Most of all, you need optical clarity to guide you down the hill. But you also need a strong seal against the weather. And you want a modern design, so you can express your personal style.

All the goggles listed here give you that and more. From optics that help you see every transition to 3D tech that molds to your face, these designs are the perfect complement to your kit. When you exit the lift (or snowcat, heli, or skin track), you’ll see everything in vivid detail, letting you experience the mountains to the fullest. Time to gear up and drop in. 

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