This Spring, Start Making Scents

It’s safe to say we are all ready for spring to arrive as cold temperatures continue to consume us during this grey month of March. But our minds are already living in warmer weather, so it’s only natural to prepare for the equinox. Maybe you’re craving light liquors rather than dark, shopping for thinner jackets and shorts or simply planning for a vacation house share. However you prepare for the changing of the seasons, might we suggest adding a spring fragrance to your routine?

Scent is one of the ways we identify with certain memories, and guaranteed if you begin alternating your colognes with the changing seasons, you won’t want it any other way. Here are some of our favorite spring scents this year, from our nose to yours.

Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Backpacker’s Cologne
This California-based fragrance company will instantly transport you to the mountains and deserts of the West even if your feet are planted firmly in the concrete jungle. What makes Juniper Ridge so incredibly special? They formulate their limited-edition seasonal scents by harvesting wild plants in a way that no harm is done to the flora itself.  Reaped in the Pacific Northwest, the Siskiyou Cologne has an enlivening fragrance of ginger and deep forest, putting you back in touch with nature after winter’s long hibernation. Juniper Ridge

Gucci Guilty Black
If you are looking to seduce, there is no better fragrance to turn to than Gucci. Adding a dark and mysterious touch to the original, Gucci Guilty Black is even more passionate and daring a scent. Green coriander and lavender evoke confidence while orange flower, an aphrodisiac, is borderline hypnotizing. Patchouli blended with cedarwood is charming and energetic. Bloomingdale’s

Prada Luna Rossa
Inspired by the sleek, dynamic design of sail boats, Prada Luna Rossa is undeniably masculine. Bitter orange essence and lavender are invigorating. Clary sage and spearmint nanah essences are rugged, calling to mind vast open spaces and natural elements. Woody and ambery, ambroxin and ambrette absolute tie the fragrance together with a warm sensuality that is refined and timeless. Macy’s

Alvarez Gomez Concentrated Cologne
We trust the experts at MiN New York for all of our grooming needs, so we had to see what they had in store for spring fragrances. Our favorite? Alvarez Gomez Concentrated Cologne, Spain’s most tradition and familiar undiluted scent. Pleasant and refreshing, it is prepared from Mediterranean flower, plant and fruit extracts, a perfect introduction to warm spring sun. The Cools

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