Third Man’s Eau Nomade

The temperature is rising and with the heat, oftentimes we would rather not spritz ourselves with some overpowering scent before we walk out the door for a date. Enter Eau Nomade.

Eau de Colognes are popular again as we mentioned a while back and these are a great alternative to heavy scents for the summer. Another attribute to these tanks of man scent is that you can keep it in the fridge and douse liberally when making that 5 o’clock cocktail giving you a cooling and refreshing moment before the night begins.

Third Man has recently launched another quality splash called Eau Nomade – an apt name for our seasonal roaming around the world. This scent kicks off with East Indian Cardamom for a rich and exotic top note. Lemon and Blood Orange from Sicily provide the light citrus scent that is a must for a summer cologne.

THIS JUST IN: We splashed this scent on our guest room sheets and our friend is still lounging, absconding with our dog and newspaper! She wont get up, declaring, ‘How can I leave this citrus wonderland?!’. Now why didn’t we splash it on our own damn sheets? Lesson learned.

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