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Seb Man Offers Professional Grade Hair Care and Grooming Gear

When you mix a professional haircare and styling brand with products designed for the future of man, good things happen. Sebastian Professional’s first ever men’s grooming line – SEB MAN – is designed to provide the multifaceted Millenial and Gen Z man of today with the hair styling flexibility they need when juggling multiple jobs, passions, and appearances. As Sebastian would say, Seb Man is for those who refuse to be categorized.

To put it simply, whatever your hair styling preference is, or if you need multiple products for separate occasions, the Seb Man grooming line has everything you lack and more than you need. Sebastian Professional even offers some styling inspiration for your convenience.

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The Seb Man collection is a cohesive line of products to make sure your scent is stouthearted and as consistent as your hairstyle. This includes the sweetness of bergamot, the warmth of amber, and woodsy, spicy peppercorn, as well as the addition of guarana to provide a natural source of power, energy, and stamina.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorites from the Seb Man collection.

The Groom Hair and Beard Oil
The Groom Hair and Beard Oil

The Seb Man grooming line offers a hair and beard oil crafted with a silky blend of grape seed, jojoba, almond, and argan oils that provide added smoothness and softness for controlled and easy to style whiskers.

The Multi-tasker 3-in-1 Hair, Beard, and Body Wash
The Multi-tasker 3-in-1 Hair, Beard, and Body Wash

The multi-tasker is exactly what it claims. This three-in-one hair, beard, and body wash to ensure a quick journey through the shower without sacrificing any cleanliness. The guarana provides the powerful freshness you desire from a body wash, while tripling as an effective and sweet-smelling hair and beard wash.

The Smoother Conditioner
The Smoother Rinse-out Conditioner

Tthe smoother is one of our favorite products in Sebastian Professional’s men’s grooming line, simply because it’s insanely effective, smells amazing, and is ultra wallet-friendly. This rinse-out conditioner provides just the right amount of moisture and workability to assure clean, soft hair, making for a fantastic base for hair styling and contentedness.

The Hero Re-workable Gel
The Hero Re-workable Gel

The Hero is a remarkable re-workable, liquid-wax gel that easily molds and refreshes the hair on your head. A little goes a long way with this solution, which means it packs a pretty punch when it comes to holdability when styling, while leaving an attractive shiny and sleek finish.

The Sculptor Matte Clay
The Sculptor Matte Clay

We were also partial to The Sculptor, which is the matte mineral clay formula in the SEB MAN line. In fact, this is our  favorite offering from the brand. This clay affords a smooth application, backed by an optimal long-lasting hold and an amazingly supple texture for styling.

The Cooler Leave-in Tonic
The Cooler Leave-in Tonic

Finally, the Seb Man grooming line also features a leave-in tonic that is great for laying down as a base for hair styling, especially towards the end of the day or after a workout. This tonic spray brings definition and a denser texture, while also stimulating your scalp for a healthy, clean feeling.

The Seb Man grooming line is also available in select salons across the country. Check out the Sebastian Professional salon-finder to find a store stocked near you.

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