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Raphaël Varane, Pro-Footballer for Real Madrid, Talks His Grooming Routine & Style

As the new face of the Braun Series 3 ProShave, we had the opportunity to sit down with international footballer Raphaël Varane while we were in Madrid and discuss some of what style and grooming really meant to him. As a center-back of the best soccer team in the world, Real Madrid, he has some good company – he’s on the same team as Cristiano Ronaldo, whom you’ve certainly heard of even if you’ve never paid attention to the sport. He’s also a defender on the French National Team, as well, so you know he’s got style in spades. Here’s what Varane had to say about getting cleaned up, getting dressed, and getting out the door in the morning.

Why did you choose Braun and why did Braun choose you?

Well, first because Braun is a brand that I like a lot and that I use. I use their products already and have always been a fan of the Braun Series 3 ProSkin. I also like the values that they represent, that they defend. It’s a brand that chose me because of what I represent and the values that I defend. So it’s a partnership that’s pretty logical, in terms of image I think, because it’s something that suits me, that I use, and I like. And that’s why I like it and I like working with Braun.

It’s commonly known that appearance is important for men. Do you agree?

Yes, of course appearance is important. It’s important to feel good, to have confidence in one’s self, and to assert one’s self. Besides that, I think we live in a world where image is developing more and more, so obviously it’s important that, from first thing in the morning, to take care of yourself. For me it’s both logical and important.

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Needing to present yourself in the best way, but having such a demanding schedule, how does playing football affect your grooming routine?

Yes, obviously as footballers we’re media figures, we’re also recognized in our daily lives, on the street, everywhere, so it’s important from first thing in the morning to take care of yourself. I always shave in the morning to get ready. It has an influence on us because if you just want to step onto the street to walk your dog you can’t go badly groomed. So naturally in your daily life you have to be careful, and then shave before a match. It’s important to feel good and to feel comfortable. That’s why I like the Braun S3 ProSkin and styling tools so much. They allow me to accomplish my personal style with ease so I can focus on what matters – playing football.

How much time do you actually devote for your grooming routine?

Generally in the morning, I’d say about 45 minutes to get ready. This includes carefully choosing my clothes and time to shave and do my hair. I also use hydrating cream to take care of my skin.

Footballers all have their own dopp kit. What do you put in yours?

Well, the basics. There’s deodorant, cologne, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, and of course my Braun S3 ProSkin.

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How often do you get that haircut and have you ever had a haircut that you really wish you had never done?

About every 10 to 15 days. I’m friends with my hairdresser, who’s also the hairdresser for other players like Karim Benzema. As far as a haircut that I would have wanted to avoid, there was one when I started as a professional when I had long hair with braids, you can still find the photos. Aside from that, I’m not ashamed of having done it, I wanted to do it and I’m happy, but if I had to choose one it would be that.

How would you describe your personal style?

Well as I said, I try to be as elegant as possible. Aside from that, it depends on the situation I’m in. If I am at home with my son, my style will be more relaxed. If it’s for an event or match, you try to be more elegant and classy. Beyond that it depends, but I always try to take care in the way I look.

Where did you find your style inspiration?

Well, at first I think it begins with one’s personality. Growing up, it’s about defining your tastes and your preferences. I think I’m inspired by everything that I see in the world around me, and it influences what I want and what I prefer and what I like as a style. So I’m inspired by everything, there’s no single person or idol. 

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You have an interest in fashion and going to fashion week. Are there any clothing styles which you never do?

Yes, I’m not very extravagant. And it’s true during those weeks you see outfits that are fairly particular; there are a lot of things I wouldn’t wear. I prefer more sober, more elegant, more classy. Of course a little touch of color or maybe a slightly different cut is nice, but not too much.

How do you see your chances in the World Cup?

I think we have a chance to go far. When you begin a competition it’s to win. So we’re going to do everything to win. We’ve got a young generation that is starting to pick up experience – players that play in the big European teams. There are players with very different profiles that complement each other, so there’s a lot of potential on our team. Of course there are some very good teams in the world, so we’ll be going against some great players, but there’s a real possibility of France going really far. I hope so at least but we have a great group so we all hope for the best.

As a Braun ambassador, maybe you can give me some advice or some suggestions?

Well, some advice would be to follow what you like, and express your personality through your style. It depends if you prefer a more classic look or something more extravagant. If you think you look good with the beard then it’s all good. Elegant. Stay as you are.

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