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New Year Tips from The Boardroom Salon For Men

new year tips from the boardroom salon for men
If you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, be sure to schedule an appointment at The Boardroom Salon for Men. You’ll relax in a plush leather chair, shoot some pool and escape the trial and tribulations of the day. Enjoy the 1920’s country club vibe and leave very well groomed. For the rest of the country, The Boardroom’s Lauren Rachel shares her tips for looking your best in the New Year.

TM: Which men’s haircut do you predict will be the most important for the coming year?

LR: The classic Undercut is the way to go in 2016. It’s a super clean look that’s a little longer on the top, faded and well blended from the neck up. Some guys prefer a neater shaved-in part. You can wear it slicked in place for the workweek and looser for a more relaxed look on the weekend.

TM: What is the best way to take care of your hair?

LR: One of the easiest ways to amp up your routine is to keep your haircut well maintained. For some guys that may mean getting a trim every two weeks, for others once a month depending on how fast your hair grows. It shouldn’t be noticeable every time you have your hair trimmed.

TM: Is there one go-to product The Boardroom Salon stylists swear by?

LR: Bumble and Bumble Sumotech is a Boardroom favorite and works on all hair types. Sumotech is “not a wax, not a paste and not a crème, but a mid-weight molding compound that’s a combination of all three,” as described by Bumble. You can trust this lightweight; no-shine product will keep your hair in place and looking great.

TM: Will the beard trend continue?

LR: Yes, many clients at The Boardroom link their haircuts with a professional beard trim. It takes just ten minutes. For guys embracing the beard trend, neat, well- trimmed “full stubble” is most professionally accepted. If you want to go longer that’s great too. No matter what the length, keep the shape uniform and condition with beard oil.

TM: If our guys are working on that big promotion this year what are some of the Boardroom services that can help them edge out the competition?

RL: Small details matter and make all the difference. Hand grooming is not too girly. Different from a women’s manicure, this service will leave your nails clean with a natural shine. Clients also swear by our “Fountain of Youth” camouflaging service that gets rid of just the right amount of gray hair. It’s a natural look that lasts about a month and is much less shocking than a head of freshly dyed jet-black hair. After all, you don’t want to hide that you are mature enough of the job.

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