How to Maintain Your Silver Fox Good Looks


Are you salt and pepper or solidly silver? Either way, you’re clearly embracing going gray gracefully. It’s far more low-maintenance and less spend-y than breaking out a box of drugstore dye or submitting your mane to a salon colorist at regular intervals. Still you can’t just let yourself go because achieving your best gray still requires a little bit of consideration. We asked celebrity groomer and R+Co co-founder Thom Priano for a few tips on how to rock silver hair.

Cut is Key

Gray hair no long suggests you’re part of the AARP crowd (not that there is anything wrong with that) but you should still stay away from dad haircuts. “I would suggest a more modern style, rather than an ungroomed one,” says Priano. Style it in a way that conveys youth, “you want to use product that gives it a definite style otherwise it tends to look old.” He suggests a wax, like R+Co. Continental Glossing Wax ($27) or a hard hold gel (he likes R+Co. Wall St. Strong Hold Gel, $27) when you want definition.

Shape Up

Returning to the “don’t look old” thread, Priano has this below the neck tip: “The number one thing I always tell my gray haired men is to keep their body in shape.” So along with staying away from dad haircuts, you should also try to avoid dad bod.

Stock the Shower

Now to the easy part, which is simply to wash your hair with shampoos and conditioner specifically designed for gray or platinum (it requires the same protection) hair. “If you are using the proper shampoo and conditioner, then your hair will be conditioned and the products will keep the yellowness from the chlorine, sun, or environment out of your hair,” says Priano. And on that note, here are a handful of gray saving options. 

Pankhurst London Silver Fox Shampoo, $30


Whether you have a little or loads of grays, this violet-tinged shampoo will make them as vibrant as possible while sunflower seed extract helps protect them against color-changing UV rays.

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo, $31


Also purple in color, this shampoo fights all kinds of gray issues, from yellowing to brassiness to dullness while making hair super strong and healthy. 

Oribe Silverati Conditioner, $48

 Oribe Silverati

Finish up your in-shower routine with a conditioner that helps preserve your hard-earned grays. This one makes your mop brighter, whiter and shinier.