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New England Patriots’ McCourty and Hollister Twins Talk MVP Grooming

Chances are you learned to shave back in high school and it was probably Dad who showed you how to belly up to the sink and cut down those first few adolescent chin and ‘stache hairs. However, unless you were gifted with a bonafide man beard at 14, shaving wasn’t part of your morning ritual in your teens. College isn’t much different, but it’s during those years your patchy facial hair starts filling in and you start showing signs of some grown-ass man-scruff. Maybe you shaved on occasion, say for a job interview or winter formal.

But when graduation rolls around and it’s time to start your career, you’ll need to keep your face looking professional every single day. And that means using the right tools and shaving products.

It takes experience to learn which razor and shaving creams, gels, and balms work best for your skin. Not everyone de-fuzzes the same, not even brothers.

We spoke to the NFL’s McCourty (Jason and Devin) and Hollister  (Jacob and Cody) twins about shaving like pros. After being drafted to the New England Patriots and playing in Gillette Stadium, they’ve learned a thing or two about creating a shaving routine and tackling skin concerns. Take a page from their grooming playbook.

The Manual: As twins, do you find that you have the same grooming concerns?

Jacob Hollister: I’m lucky to have pretty normal skin.

Cody Hollisyer: I also have normal skin with some sensitive spots. I use Fusion ProGlide Sport Gel once a week.

Jason McCourty: I have sensitive, dry skin and use a lot of lotions. Gillette has definitely introduced me to a wide range of products that have been beneficial for my skin.

Devin McCourty: In college, you really don’t know or have the money to buy good products. I’m happy to have the chance to be in the NFL testing all these shaving and skincare products.

TM: Do you and your brother have the same grooming routine?  Which one of you is more high maintenance?

CH: I like the Gillette Fusion5 with the newer blades. I use hot water, hot towels, and Sensitive Gel.

JH: I like the Fusion5 ProGlide with the edge trimmer on the back to line up my hairline and clean up the stubble.

JM: We have somewhat the same routine because we’re in the same profession. I just upgraded to the MACH3 razor, it’s an easy, smooth shave. He’s a copycat.

DM: I like Gillette’s Sensitive Cool Shaving Gel on my face and head when I shave before the game. I like the best look possible. And you can tell by his answer, Jason definitely takes longer in the bathroom.

TM: Do you find yourself shaving at home or in the locker room? And do you prefer to shave at the sink or in the shower?

JM: I prefer to shave at home. But during the season, it depends on the situation. You have to be able to adapt on the road. I prefer to shave at the sink. I need the mirror to see what I’m doing. Shaving in the shower is too difficult.

DM: Even for the home games, we stay in a hotel. I like to shave at the hotel sink with a Gillette Sensor 3 Cool disposable razor and just leave it behind. This way there’s no cleanup and my wife doesn’t yell at me for getting hair all over the sink.

CH: Off season, I spend more time at the sink than in the shower. On the road, I’ll shave in the shower with the Gillette3 razor because of it’s no slip AquaGrip handle.

JH: I’m always at the sink. I like to see myself in the mirror.

TM: Speaking of the locker room, when you play at Gillette Stadium, they have to hook you up with the latest and greatest shaving swag? Do you have a razor, shaving gel, or deodorant that you can’t live without? 

JM: I have to say the Sensitive Shaving Gel. I get ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. I also use the MACH3, but as long as I had that Gel, I would be set.

DM: I would say the Sensitive Cool Gel. I like to walk away cool and refreshed.

TM: Does your grooming routine change when you’re in season? For example, do you keep your hair shorter to be more comfortable under your helmet? Shower more? Trim your body hair?

DM: That’s already been decided for us. We’re bald year round but keep our facial hair neat and our hair smooth.

JH: I shave once a week before a big game. Otherwise, the chinstrap on the helmet will irritate your skin if you grow your facial hair too long.

CH: I groom less in the off season, but probably about once a week during the season. And always before I FaceTime Mom. I’ll also use a Gillette trimmer on my arms and legs. We get so many massages and use a lot of tape, so it’s better to keep the hair shorter. It also prevents turf burn injuries.

TM: Ice bath, Epsom salts, or hot shower? Which is best for muscle recovery?

DM: Epsom salt soak. I don’t like getting into the cold water. I’m a scented bath salt guy; I use eucalyptus and some others. But we have float tanks in the locker room. I’ll stay in there for about 45 minutes and it’s very beneficial.

JM: I’m a cold tub guy. I recover using a combination of an ice bath and a cold tub.

JH: I prefer an Epsom salt bath and switching between hot and cold tubs.

CH: I also contrast between hot and ice baths. And I wear compression pants to help with the lactic acid and speed recovery.

TM: When it comes to their grooming game, who is the MVP of the New England Patriots and why?

The McCourtys: Well, if you take Tom Brady out of the running, it would be a tie between Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola (now with the Miami Dolphins), because he’s a model.

The Hollisters: Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan are pretty fresh. But we have to give it to linebacker Brandon King. He’s the team barber, gives a lot of fresh cuts in the locker room and even cuts his own hair.

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